Any opinions on John McLaughlins last album?

Wondering if anyone has any opinions they'd like to share about John McLaughlins last CD "Floating Point"(2008) recorded in India with many Indian musicians. I've read a few reviews that weren't very enthusiastic mainly because it isn't as energetic as his old stuff.
Oh boy, JM was totally there since probably at least 6 years ago
Anything McLaughlin with Indian musicians should be excellent... although may never again equal Shakti's "Natural Elements"

I find the playing and composition on Floating Point to be more cerebral than passionate. Though the musicians are excellent, the band lacks a second strong personality to push him (think Jan Hammer on early Mahavishnu or Larry Coryell on Spaces). Nonetheless it's an excellent album, and once again I want to go burn my guitars after hearing it.

As John has matured his playing has evolved, and he often prefers to focus on the ensemble sound rather than personal pyrotechnics.
JM is a virtuoso but his music is cold. Surprising since the man's spirituality has always been a factor in his music. The music lacks soul. Perhaps this is only my anglo-american perspective but this my opinion. The only time the record gets me going are on the last 2 cuts. I always end my commentaries about JM(here & elsewhere)with this simple thought; God, why doesn't he pick up the ol' Les Paul or even the ol' double-neck!!?? That synthesized guitar, as state-of-the-art as it may be it actually sounds dated!
JM's 'Live In Tokyo' album doesn't seem cold at all. How about Sunday Night at San Fransisco? I don't find his passages to be cold either...
The Downbeat review of this album gave it five stars. Only five new albums released in 2008 received this, the highest rating.

"The music lacks soul."
I'd say there is some truth to this only in the last decade or so.. I just bought "Industrial Zen" and while energetic, nothing new here.. same ol fusion jams without really going anywhere memorable.
Now contrast that experience with the wonderful albums "Belo Horizonte" and "Music Spoken Here" from the early 80's or "Electric Dreams" from 1979.
"Belo Horizonte" to me is his best album period. beautiful.
Regardless of how 'cold' I feel he's been playing lately, I'm going to see him and Chick Corea on the 29th, can't wait!!!;)
I did see him last year or the year before at the Dakota Bar & Grill in Minneapolis. The thing is, although enjoyable there was no apparent Indian influence in his repertoire that night.
It was a good year for guitar lovers at the Dakota; saw Larry Coryell, Pat Martino and John McLaughlin.
I love him but his last few albums haven't done much for me. The latest one to do so was The Promise. What has really bothered me is the shitty keyboard sound on these last few albums.