Any opinions on JM labs Electra Be 907 Limited Ed?

Has anyone out there heard these speakers? And how do the compare to the Utopia Be Micro's or the B&W 805 Signatures? Thanks
I listened to the Be 907 Be yesterday. I was impressed by the realistic sound. The piano sounded like a piano. When the bass player slapped his string bass, it sounded like a bass being slapped. I compared it to Dynaudio, which was more detailed and transparent. The JM Lab was more realistic. The dealer advised me to wait a few weeks until the 927 Be arrives. Are these really limited editions?
Hi, thanks for the response. Interesting comment on Dynaudio. I just received my Electra Be 907 yesterday (waited 90 days for them to ship from France). They replaced the Dynaudio 52 SE and I have to say they are the best speakers I've heard under $5,000. In my opinion, I think they are the best value for what I payed - $2700.00. Anyways, they are limited edition with only one thousand 907's being produded. Mine were # 889 and 890. I think only 500 of he floor stnding models will be made, but you can double check there site for the exact number. Bottom line, I've been in this for many years, had many speakers, and these are here to stay.