Any opinions on Emerald Physics Loudspeakers

Any opinions? Especially the CS3 MKII
I had the pleasure of dropping in on Walter at RMAF 2013 and hearing both of his Emerald Physics line of speakers, the CS2.3 MkII and the CS 3.2 MkII. Both cosmetics and sound quality are greatly improved from the prototype-looking previous generations I saw and heard at RMAF 2011. They are completely ready for Prime Time.

It amazes me that he's advertising the CS3 MkII + REL Sub and active crossover for $3800. They may not be the last word in detail but all in all they sounded a lot more like live music than the vast majority of speakers at the show, including most at twice the price and quite a few more expensive than that. The hotel room had little or no sound treatment, and he didn't have fancy components or wires, either. I say two thumbs up, a big grin, and money left in the bank to boot! I have no affiliation with Emerald Physics or Underwood HiFi.