Any Opinions on Dehavilland 50A amp?

Looks to be a very interesting design.Any thoughts on sound/build quality,as well as ability to drive various loads(within reason).
If you haven't talked with Kara already, she told me that it would likely drive bigger loads better than the GM-70. She recommended it for my 90db/w, 4-ohm speaker, while the GM-70 was "borderline" in a decent sized room, according to her.
I just found this...............Dawgcatching, I am considering the 50a to power my Aerial Model 9s, also 90db sensitive. Did the 50a work well for you ?
I have heard these amps.
I hope to get to hear them with my Snell Es. I am afraid it is going to be really good.I am afraid because I am unemployed and there is no way I can think about a 12k amp.

Meanwhile, I got to hear these on a relatively high efficiency speaker in a very revealing system,after listening with some very nice 300B Sets,making about 10 watts.When the De Havillands were turned on I/we were bowled over.The sound leaped forward what seemed like several feet. The music was so much more exciting,forward and lively. Slightly edgy,solid foundation bass with the feeling that it could give more and more.
Yet through all the fireworks they had a really sweet and articulate midrange,innerdetailed with delineated voices/players like a 300B amp.This is after all, a SET.It just happens to make 40watts!

I am really afraid these are going to sound magical on the Snells.
Had my friend with his De Havillands over. We hooked them up to my Snell E speakers and let them warm up. After listening to several LPs I came to the conclusion that this was a special amp. SET midrange with LOTS! of headroom,bass and slam. The amps just seemed to take complete control of the situation.Inner details, overtones and decay the likes of which I have rarely heard. Macro and micro dynamics seemed to be hashed out including big organ pedal notes and their decay.
I could definitely live with these.
Emorrisiv, what is the efficiency and impedance of the Snells?

BTW, I will be auditioning the 50as w/my Aerials Friday and am very excited.
The Snell E is a 8ohm/90db two way. If you check out the Audio Note ANE you will find that it is based on the Snell E.
amazingly you can get the Snells on Agon for about $300.00. A true sleeper.