Any opinions on DCCA power cord's sonics

Have any of you GON members ever auditioned the higher level, Eminence or Passion, of the DCCA power cords? If so I would be greatful if you would share your opinions on the sonics of these cords. I know that DCCA has three different voicings of each of their cords, so which one did you audition in your system. Thanks in advance.
I have used several models and in general I and have found them to be very smooth/musical yet detailed, with excellent soundstaging and imaging. Some of the early cords were extremely stiff and are difficult to bend/shape to work with light components.

If you can find used ones, they offer very good value. Don is also great to work with if you are buying new and can fine tune the sound to match your system.

Good Luck.
06-10-11: Schipo
electrifying sound

That's what I was thinking !!!!!!! :)
DCCA's power cables are very good. I had a mix of Source II cables and Extreme Reference cables. Both did a great job.

I recently decided to try the newer Passion XXL on my amps and the Eminence on some other components. Both are full bodied, rich in detail, with very good timing.

Don will tune the sound to your system. I opted for the Furutech connectors, because I found they compliment my system well. I could see people going with other options depending on their system. Don is very helpful in describing the differences.