Any opinions on Classe Preamps?

I have a Classe CA-100 Power amplifier,I am looking for a good matching pre-amp for under 1K used.Any Ideas-Thanks Krelldog
The Classe Cp-50 is a smoking pre amp for the price range. I think tit might be a little more then 1k but I think it would be worth the extra investment
I run a CP-50 with a CA-301 nice combo. I paid about 1K for the pre. You can find the CP-60 for around $1500.00 Good luck
Had a CP-60 and it was good but not great, IMHO opinion. I A/B extensively against the Placette, and Classe was constantly 2nd -- not a distant second, but second none the less. There are lots of good preamps worth considering in the $1 -$2K range used, and especially in $2.5K range. --Lorne
I have a sale pending on my Classe Four so this is not a shameless plug.
I purchased my Four as a DR-4. It displaced a Berning TF-10, which was a highly regarded tube preamp and I never missed the Berning.
I had the DR-4 upgraded to the Four, which resulted in greater clarity and a bigger soundstage. The tonal balance did shift and lean out a little, but I was able to compensate by changing cables.
The only direct comparison to the Four I have recently done is to an Audionote hybrid and the Four won-smoother and richer.
Unless you want to get into tubes, I would suggest you look into a DR-4 or a Four. You may be able to get a Five for less than $1k also.
I currently have a Classe CP45 in my system, and have owned Krell, Conrad Johnson and YBA units over the past 10 years. I cannot comment on the newer Classe units, but the late 1990's vintage are second to none in their price range with regard to price/performance.

Highly suggested.

I have "under the hood" pictures of all my Classe' equipment (CP45/CDP.5/Tuner 1) if you are interested in seeing the build/parts quality.
I had a CP-60 also, very nice stuff. I miss that preamp. I cant really say the Krell I replaced it with blew it away.
Better yes, but not night and day. Now the Audio research Ref II........WOW......that thing killed them both! good luck........................Vader
I've seen many used Classe DR5s on Ebay and Audiogon going for $600. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what it. Harry Pearson (Editor of Absolute Sound) was right on the mark about this preamp.
Thanks to all who replied,I appreciate all the insight that was shared. Krelldog
I agree with Fuente. The CP-45 is an outstanding preamp. I owned one a couple years back. It did not have a full-function remote with the ability to select input sources but the basic preamp was outstanding. I also owned the lower end CP-35 (older style) with full-funtion remote and digital display. More convenient but not quite up to par with the CP-45. Over all, Classe offers outstanding value and very good sound throughout their product line. I haven't used any of the more recent Classe gear as my electronics are now all tube.
They make very nice amps but there are better pre-amps.
Atma-Sphere, Pass, CJ
CP-45 is one gem of a pre-amp. Cp-50 pales in comparision. Cp-60 is only slightly better in terms of transperancy, but musicality across the full band, CP-45 is more complete package, for a very low price. I have SSP-50, which is CP-50, and I still prefer stereo listening thru CP-45. The word (my dealer)is CP-65, the new one has musicality of CP-45 and transperancy of CP-60 , but then you are talking lot more money.
Nilthepill :

And how is the SSp-50 ??
do you like this pre/proc ?
i was tinking of getting an ssp30 as i don't have the funds necessary for anything more ..and then run a conservative CAV-75 ..or 150 if i can get one at good price..

what do u think ?

SSP-50 I like for movies and listening to TV in my Surround set-up. I was planning on to sell my CP-45 when I got SSP-50, but listening back to back for stereo, both run balanced mode using same cables. CP-45 WAS MUCH MORE SATISFYING. SSP-50 had more high frequ repsponse, tad more laid back, but little grungier and little less defined lower mids and bass changing the overall result by significant amount. Needless to say I kep CP-45.