Any opinions on Bybee Purifiers installed in speak

Does anyone have any experience with installing Bybee purifiers in speakers between the crossovers and the driver?
no- but they are great at the rca inputs to the amp.
I installed bybees at the positive terminal of all the drivers in my Hales T-8s. They seem to do all the right things after some break-in. The differences were not jaw dropping, but there was an improvement in depth and clarity. If I had it to do over, I'd probably buy the bybee that attaches to the speaker input because it was very time consuming doing individual drivers.
I have a total of 12 Bybees installed on my mtm loudspeakers. Two on each driver, at the positive and negative terminals. I would not have gone to all of this trouble unless I loved these things.

In the interest of full disclosure however I have to tell you that I am a dealer.

That being said, I am only a dealer because I love these things.