Any opinions on AYRE DVD/cdp

I have just tested in my system Ayre Ki and Ayre V1 andthey are killer amps. The Ayre DVD-CDP player yet not availble in Scándinavia but I read a German test saying that the Ayre are perhaps the worlds best CDP (w DVD as bonus)beating théir previosly Accuphase ´reference player,Are Ayre the best? Anýone using that player ánd have compared it to other high end players?
I don't know if it is "the best CDP" but it is significantly better than the Audio Research CD 2 which the Ayre replaced. I too am using an all Ayre system so synergy could be a significant factor. Whithout sounding hard, I've been able to hear greater detail and I also find myself listening to music at a much higher volume without discomfort.
Claudiowen. Would be intrested to hear whats the rest of your systém is. Im considering the new Ayre V& amp with six channels to biamp my Audio Artistry speakers main panel and use the last 2 channels to power the subs.