Any opinions on a new arm for NAS Hyperspace?

I have been systematically upgrading my system over the past year and I have now got around to my TT.

I am quite happy with the Hyperspace but I think there may be some benefit in upgrading the tone arm and cartridge. I have a 3 year old carbon fiber Space Arm with a Lyra Argo.

I was thinking of just going ahead and upgrading to a new Ace Space arm (now with azimuth adjustment) and a Lyra Skala (trade-in my Argo makes this a bargain). I unfortunately would have to do this without preview as my local Nottingham/Lyra "dealer" is really not into analogue and when I last checked didn't have a working TT set up!

Has anyone heard the new Ace-Space arm (2006 version)? Would it be a worthwhile upgrade? I am also confusing myself as I'm thinking in the price range (less than $2000) there are a number of other options, viz Morch or second hand SME V. Should I even be looking beyond Nottingham as I understand the Ace-Space is a good arm designed to be synergistic with the Nottingham tables?

As far as a cartridge goes I am also considering a van der Hul Frog as an outside option. I am tending towards the Skala because of the good things I've heard about it. Any opinions on cartridge selection would also be appreciated.

The rest of my system is
Phono amp BAT P-10SE with Super Pac,
Pre-amp BAT 31SE
Amp 150 SE mono blocks
Speakers Dali MS-4
Cables are all Acoustic Zen.

Music is mostly modern jazz, folk , some 70's rock and a smidgen of classical.

My objective is to get more detail and focus. I always listen carefully for sound detail. It pleases me when I upgrade and new sounds are evident which were hidden before.

Thanks for your time,


I have recently purchased a space deck 294 w/ the new ace 12" arm.

but I really don't know jack.

What I do know is that you would be well served to drop a dime and call Jay Kaufman who owns the Audio Revelation - a audiogon vendor.

Jay spends a remarkable amount of time trying out different combinations of tables/arms/cartridges...
I spent one session with him voicing 3 of the dozen or so turntables that he has in rotation. I learned a lot, but he wore me out.

Audio Revelation - 760-944-0444 (PST)



The Nottingham Hyperspace has a slightly warm sound for a turntable. There are different ways to get the most from this table. Your direction w. Van Den Hull cartridges or Lyra is correct. Find the arm that matches these cartridges the best is my recommendation. The SME V is not a bad starter. I am not familiar w. the NAS arm but people love them w. their tables & others done. Quite a few people try Morch arms. The interchangeable armwand is a good bet. You really need to match your arm to your cartridge to get the most. I just went through this myself. A wrong combination can be a big mistake.
Thanks for the feed-back. I have also spoken to a few people and have been advised in my price range there are better options than the Ace Space arm. I will heed the advice and will start the process of evaluating my options. I plan to update this post when I finalize my selection.
I am of the opinion that you should spend more on the arm than the cart. Get a good arm once and for all, then any cart you put on will sound much better than what you paid for it. My own experience with either the Schroeder and the Conductor bears this out.

Dgad is right about the inherent warmth of your table, so arms with carbon fibre wands are the way to go.

A very good value cart to match would be the AT 33PTG.

BTW, nice system and very good speakers.
Ok I'm getting there.

I have been wrestling over the OL Illustrious or Morch DP-6. Finally I have decided on the DP-6 for the following reasons.
- Gives me much more flexibility.
- A lighter sounding arm compared to the Illustrious. (which is the direction I want to move)
- No question the DP-6 is a highly recommended arm, whereas recommendations for the Illustrious are somewhat muted.

Here's where I need help. Is the DP-6 12" (294mm) wand a worthwhile upgrade over the standard 9"? I have no idea what improvement the 12" arm will provide over the standard 9". It just seems if I going to writing a cheque I should try to get it right first time.

I imagine I will also have to upgrade/replace the Hyperspace arm pod to accommodate a 12" arm

For the time being I intend staying with the Lyra Argo.

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Based on many friends experience and reviews the Morch 12 inch is supposed to be the better choice as compared to the 9 inch. I don't know much about your cartridge. That does mae a difference. Morch makes different armwands, (red, blue, yellow dot) for different weight cartridges. Find out from the distributor which one is recommended.
Good choice on the Moerch. Origin Lives are glorified Regas.
With the danger of endlessly repeating the same advice (and being too late): I think that the mating between the arm and this cartridge might be more important than the actual quality of the arm. I only heard the Lyra Dorian, I love it. But I've heard and read that this cartridge is especially sensitive to good adjustment, and to matching with the arm. Is there a way that you could go somewhere were you could listen to different arms with your cartridge and table?

Best regards,
Hi Folks,

I finally made my choice on arm. I decided to go with the Morch DP-6 with a Red dot Precision armtube. Since finishing the set-up yesterday I have only listened to a few albums but I immediately hear an improvement in clarity and detail. Overall I liked the sound which is lighter and seems more nimble.

This was my first time at installing a tonearm and cartridge. It was fun but frustrating at times and took me the best part of yesterday to do it. I guess practice will make perfect.....

Now onto selecting a new cartridge. I have been told to be patient as there's a new Lyra Helikon on the way.....



I am looking to go with a Moerch DP6 on a spacedeck

Did you get the 9" or 12' arm

I also have not set up a table before so am curious about your results,


I went with a 9" red dot Precision arm. If you choose a ZYX or Transfiguration cartridge you will be better off with a blue dot.

I chose the 9" for 2 reasons. Namely the 12" required a new arm pod from Nottingham (extra expense) and second the 12" are not sold with the precision headshell. By the way you still have to buy a collet for the 9" arm to fit a Nottingham arm board.

I am happy with my installation (maybe in my case ignorance is bliss!!) Anyway I believe I eventually go it right and I found it was fairly easy using a Feickert protractor.

I got what I was aiming for with the DP-6 which is a lighter and cleaner sound compared to the Space-arm. Where I am a little disappointed is in the dynamics. I think maybe the dynamics will improve as the new Moerch cable burns in. Time will tell on this.

I am still using the Lyra Argo which is my next target for upgrade.

Hope this helps

just the advice I was looking for, thanks

I heard you can burn the tonearm wires in quicker running a cd signal through them with a soldered cheap rca.

good luck with your next move