Any opinions of audio quality of SONOS Play5 speakers?

I currently have a SONOS:Connect running a pair of Play1 speakers.   We love the convenience and user friendliness of the SONOS system.  I had a dedicated 2ch music system using the Connect to feed an integrated , driving Stirling SB-88 speakers.  3 months ago we moved into a smaller house and I am re-thinking my speaker/system setup.   My listening area is smaller and I want to go wireless, to simplify the system as much as possible.    The SONOS Play1 speakers are small and lack bass.  I am toying with the idea of replacing my amp/speakers with a pair of Play5 speakers.  They would have more bass extension but, I am not sure about the quality of the audio.  I'm sure they are a step down from my current speakers but, if it is modest I can accept that.

Another option is going with a Bluesound system for my listening area.  One opinion I heard is that it has better sound quality than SONOS.

  Does anyone have good advice on this?  Any experience with the SONOS Play5 speakers?

I think the 5 sounds very good... I was impressed by their sound, given what they are .  That said I would use one for a kitchen or bathroom , but I would not make them my main pair of speakers....just my .02
I've had Sonos in my home for background music (only) for about 10 years. ...going back to when Sonos didn't even offer any speakers.

To streamline things, I recently bought a Play-5 for my master bathroom.  It was the only model that was reasonably pleasing to my ears, for what it is.

This, with the phone ap, is extremely convenient and reliable, in my network.

I'd certainly think that a pair working in stereo would elevate the performance a notch or two, again for what it is.

I'm pretty sure that Sonos and other online retailers offer in-home trials with easy return policies.  Therefore, I say to pull the trigger.  Hearing them in your home is the only way to really determine if they are the right solution for you.

But, if your ears can handle the Play-1, then I'd think that you'd be VERY pleased with the Play-5.