Any opinions for Krell Reference 64 dac please

I am looking for one of these dacs to buy and i am wondering how it compares with modern dacs. Any info appreciated.
In my opinion I say go for it,I got the SBP-64X with the MD-1 transport and I love it,very well designed units,the best Krell effort in digital.The Reference 64 comes with better power supply.In todays market it would cost over 20 thousand (maybe more who knows for sure)for equivalent dac with similar circuitry and casework.
I would say - go for sth more modern. I have had Krell KPS-20i (1995 vintage) on loan, which for many sounded even better than Ref 64, and it was a BIG let down by today stardards.

Used ARC Ref CD7 or MBL 1531 (both ~ $4k used for a complete digital solution) are miles better.