Any opinions about Pinnacle Baby Boomer Sub?

I'm searching for that seamless transition subwoofer. My mains are JM Lab Electra 915.1's in a two-channel set up and I'm looking for a musical low freq extension.

I have a small/medium room which makes smaller better.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
I've had one for about 1.5 years and I really like it. It is really small and easily integrates with my Triangle Titus xs Monitors. The build quality is much better than the HSU VTF-2 that I also owned, but it doesn't go quite as low. Ultimately, I kept the Pinnacle over the much more popular HSU because it itegrated a bit better and has tremendous WAF (wife acceptance factor) because of its size.

I had a bad experience with a Pinnacle sub-woofer used in a HT application (older model...not this one). Would rattle during many LFE booms and bangs. Was never able to cure this problem!
What does that have to do with the Baby Boomer? Pinnacle makes a WIDE variety of speakers with a huge price range. The Baby Boomer is a quality unit. It is structurally and esthetically superior to the HSU I mentioned before. Your experience with an "older" model has nothing to do with this product.

BTW, I once had a Parasound receiver. It was mediocre. I bet it has little in common with the current Pass designed Parasound amplifers.


I once owned a Pinnacle Baby boomer sub for my second system/HT system. I thought it was okay. For the money it competes with the rest of them in that price range. Its output isnt as loud as some of the bigger subs but again it is much much smaller. The one problem I had with it is the back plate where the amp is gets very hot. Almost too hot too touch. For a few more hundred you should get the sunfire MKII sub. I use to own this sub also and I think it is far superior. I takes a lot of time and patience to set up and blend in with your mains but after its done you will be rewarded with great sound.

I hope this helps
Reubent, some of the Parasound amps are designed by John Curl, not Nelson Pass. Two big names in the industry and the mistake might be easy to make. Sean
Sean, Thanks for the correction. I didn't do my homework before I posted!! Anyway, my point is still the same, you can't judge a product based on your experience with a different product from that manufacturer.