Any opinions about Audio note cartridges?

I'm considering to get Audio Note cartridge for my Rega P3 with RB300 tonearm. I checked IQ range, these are MM cartridges. The price is a little bit high, so I really want to have opinions about how good they are. I'm considering to get IQ2. Thanks in advance.
I own the IQ2 and it holds its own against a Grado Sonata

It is hard to compare them directly because I had them on 2 different TTs but my general impression is that the IQ2 is a bit more neutral with more bite (when it is present in the music) and probably more open as well while the Grado has a more full and layered midrange. Both are very good with about equal detail and extension. BTW the IQ is on a TT1/Arm1 and the Grado was on a LP12/rega 300.