Any opinion or feedback on the NAIM UnitiServe or UnitiCore?

Have a few hundred CDs and I'm loking to transition to a NAS based system and the NAIM units have caught my eye. Please share your thoughts or comments on them. How is their interface? Is the UI on the app adequate or is it horrible? I just want to be able to connect it to my main system and listen there. I don't need to stream to other parts of the house or do any complex setups.
why not just rip them onto a PC or mac and put the $$ into a better DAC?

or better speakers, room treatments....
" why not just rip them onto a PC or mac and put the $$ into a better DAC?"

If you don't want something complicated, that's a much better way to go. The interface options are better as well. You can use a cell phone or tablet as a remote/interface for whatever playback software you have.
Thanks randy-11. sfall is right, I just want something uncomplicated where I drop or slide CDs in and it rips them automatically. No muss no fuss. I just dont want to deal with PCs/MACs /ripping software although yes, it is a far less expensive route. I don't mind paying for the ease and convenience (within reason ;-) ).
iTunes on a mac has about as much ease and convenience as you can get

- set it up to auto eject when done; I use Apple Lossless

I ripped 1,500 CDs that way

you will have a bit perfect set of digital files with very good search, filtering, and retrieval 

send it to your $200 DAC, or your $37,000 DAC - whatever you want
I own both units and they are the epitome of simplicity. They changed the entire way I listen to music. Rip your cd's on the machine then make playlists or not. Was a life changer for this less than satisfactory computer user. The Naim is easy and sounds absolutely flawless through a good dac. Operating software great too.,

@randy, thanks, iTunes is always an option but a last one.

@4425, thanks for your input. How is the interface? Is it buggy? I’m leaning towards the NAIM but still unsure as I have never had a NAS based system.


I had a Naim UnitiServe for a few years and I thought it was very good.  It was my first server after ditching my CD player.   It rips to .wav format which worked great, and I also liked the user interface.   The outputs are S/PDIF only (optical or 75ohm BNC) and that may be a bit limiting.  Naim has a feature in the user interface that allows you to stream internet radio, which I miss now that I'm using an Aurender.  I'd recommend the UnitiServe, but it is a bit expensive for what it does.


you may want to post your question on

it's right up their alley and there are many cheaper ways to do what you want than the Naim units (which are for more complex multi-room systems)
We are a Naim dealer, a Lumin dealer, a Naim Masters dealer, and an Aurender dealer.

A Macmini doesn't sound anywhere nearly as good, we tested one with pure music vs most of these dedicated devices, and there was actually a rather large difference sonically. 

If we can be of assistance please reach out. 

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i have a Naim 2TB Uniti with a Pardo linear PSU. it is hyper easy to use when everthing goes well. I would suggest selecting a dealer who can get it up and running on your network including the backup to NAS. 
the SQ via SPDIf is fantastic and Radio Paradise at 320 kb is excellent.
i stream more and more thru Tidal now via usb but the Uniti is an excellent server with a bit perfect ripper.

I can second the recommendation on NAIM servers, but he new Uniti-Core far surpasses their previous iterations in simplicity and usability and at half the cost.  Setup couldn't be easier.  I'm not aware of any bugs in the new NAIM app.

I don't make money by selling audio components, and a mac mini can be made to sound just as good for a lot less money.  if you have a really complex setup the Naim items could be the way to go.  also big black boxes may look cool to you, so...
@ tomic601 and tdimler, thanks! In the interim I have also found out about Bluesound Vault 2 but I think I will still go with a NAIM solution. I will probably add one to my system later this year :-)

Thanks all.