Any opinion on Kharma Grand Reference Digital Cabl

Friends, I am about to buy a digital cable. I have spotted a Kharma Grand Reference Digital cable for just about my budget. But I have no idea how these cables sound. I dont even know about their signature sound. But here are my expectations from the digital cable:

1. It should be laidback, meaning the it should play from behind the speakers and not forward, staring at you.

2. It has to be neutral, no obvious roll-offs in the highs or bloom in the bass. Tones should be natural and fluid

3. Background should be clean/black

4. Speed, Resolution, Transparency need not amazing but should not lack in a obvious way.

Can I rely on the Kharma GR for all that ? Even if you have not heard them, any opinion about a general Kharma cable signature would be very helpful.
I have read somewhere that the Kharma Enigma Digital cable has a bit forward midrange, that actually got me to be a bit skeptic whether to go for this cable or not. Please suggest asap, because I have to make decission within a day or two.

Please suggest
I have a GR, which was my main digicable until the Stealth Sextet. I still use the GR from iTransport to DAC. It is smooth, full - bodied, with a bit of warmth but still well-detailed. No real rolloff of highs, just a bit of a golden glow, but much less than Siltech-type "glow." I could have lived with it very happily until I heard the Stealth, but there is not a huge difference in sound quality; more a matter of taste. It is a heavy mutha, so make sure you can support it properly.

Hope this helps.


Buy a used Kubala-Sosna XLR Emotion digital cable, they show up here occasionally, and be done with it. I have tried many digital cables over the years and this one tops or equals them all, and for a relatively reasonable cost used. Of course, YMMV, but at least worth a try.

BTW: I have tried the Kharma and have owned the Sextet.