Any Opera Consonance M15 owners out there?

Listened to them at Quest for Sound yesterday with Steve Monte. I heard much of what I look for in audio - summed up as "realism". I have a Viva Solista SET amplifier (integrated, 845 tubes, 18 watts) which I believe would be a very good match.

Since they're a new speaker, I was wondering whether there are any owners out there and what their comments might be.

Note: I have seen the "Von Schweikert db99 v. Consonance M15" thread.
Did you happen to listen to the M12 while you were there? I read the review on Soundstage that likens them to the Altec 19. I wonder if the M12 sound is similar to the M15, with perhaps the M15 sounding "bigger" due to the 15" woofer.

The Soundstage review indicated that the M12 was detailed, and avoided the "honk" typically associated with horn systems. One thing is for sure, no dynamic speaker (of reasonable cost and size) can compete with the sheer dynamics and realistic presentation of a horn system. Finding one that's reasonably priced and smaller in size isn't easy though! The M12 and M15 seem to fit that bill.
I did listen to the M12 and it did impress me. In fact, because of placement it may have even casted a wider sound stage than the M15s. Very detailed and dynamic. However, when the M15s were hooked up there really was no comparison. The bass was so much more robust with the M15s.
Obviously, I was very taken by the M15s - so much so that I'm heading back down there tomorrow and am likely to come back with them.
I'd be interested in hearing about your second impressions of the system. Evidently, there's very few folks that have either system (given the very limited responses to threads here), and even searching on the web gleans very little.
I bought them and have them in my living room. Needless to say, I love them. Probably need a little time before fully elaborating on what I'm hearing. Will do it in a future post. Feel free to e-mail me.

I have a pair. They are simply fabulous. I am driving them with the Consonance Cyber 800's and a Droplet. To my ears - and I listened to a lot of systems before I bought these it would be difficult to beat this system at twice the price. Realistic, but not grainy. Great and tight bass - surprisingly so from the huge 15 inch woofer. Not fussy about placement. Definitely have a "horn sound" though - which may not be for everyone, and they will expose any and all flaws in the music. They do much better with tube amps.
Folks, I just picked up a pair of B&C M15's, listening through an Opera 2.0 sacd player, Sophia el-34 (25-28 wpc) coupled w/ Anaylis Plus Oval 9 speaker wire and Tara Lab interconnects. Question: looking to upgrade my amp (suggestions ?), I am searching for a tube/s that would give me the power to push those massive 15 inch woofers : ) (I need the bass) but would like to maintain soothing soundstage. while I know horns are for tubes I aslo like the power of solid state, any suggestions on a solid state mate? Any other suggestions on any part of the system would be greatly appreciated as I am new to all these wonderful listening experiences. Thanks guys!

As for the listening experience. Not sure how valid my opionion is, as I mentioned above it's all new to me. That said, I've never owned a pair of speakers so beautiful in my life and to my listening pleasure with what I have it sounds amazing the bass, mids & highs are all heaven to my ears. They are so efficient and well balanced that even in my basement room (40'x 22'x 5' {yup 5' ceiling height}) they sounds absolutley ridiculous, testiment to the build quality (Crossover, etc.). Not sure what else to say other than will re-post upon upgrading. Thanks again, hope this helps someone!