any one who has herd cambridge dac magic

any one who has used this dac in a two chanel system i would like to no how good it is does it come close to ps auido dac three thanks
I recently acquired this to to compare to my Lavry DA-10 (NOS), which has been a longstanding favorite for me.

The DA-10 is a little more full-sounding, while the DACMagic is a bit smoother, no doubt due to oversampling. It is **slightly**, and I mean slightly! laid back compared to the Lavry. I may just keep both and switch 'em in and out from time to time, but if I had to choose I'd take the Lavry. It is 2.5x the price of the DACMagic but does provide volume control as well as an excellent headphone amp (neither of which I use right now, so that tells you something).

I haven't heard the PSA DAC. The DACMagic was clearly bettered (in its own strengths above) by the Bel Canto DAC3 I owned, but that is many times its price and also includes volume (not as well implemented as Lavry's IMO) and remote control (NA on Lavry).

As in most things audio, you pays yer money and you takes yer choice. I'd say that for the money (if that's all your budget allows) then it's a no-brainer in today's space.