Any one using the new Quad CDP 99 or the 99 Preamp

I'm considering purchasing the 99 CDP following a couple of favorable reviews by the British press. But, I'm also looking for reviews via Audiogon memebers. Anyone using or have used these components?

I've finally received my Quad CD-P -- there's a three-month waiting list --and boy oh boy, was it worth it. This is a superb player, which in my view competes with much more expensive units, and when connected directly to a power amp (I'm using the 909 and am auditioning various 'speakers) might be one of the very best, period. It has a very relaxed and detailed sound -- I'm hearing things in even quite old recordings I never knew were on the master tape -- and seems to make the best out of ALL genres and recordings. Even some ancient bootleg Bad Religion had real snap and menace through the Quad. I am living in the UK for the year and don't know about availability elsewhere, but I think that the CD-P is a must-audition. I owned the Naim CDX (without the power supply) and much prefer the Quad. One thing: although the CD-P is beautifully built (it looks much better in person than in photos) it has quite a dim green display. Apparently, this is for sonic reasons, but it might annoy depending on your setup; also, its usable volume range (implemented in the analogue domain) is in only 32 steps. Otherwise, it's a killer player and a very, very good digital preamp. It is a worthy "last" CD player purchase.

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What's up Sammie, Redhuskie is right on the money.I think I was probably one of the first people in the United States to own one.Serial # 36. I'am glad I got mine when I did if there's a 3 month waiting list! Excellent player and very neutral.Put some high quality ICs on it and Forget about it.I use mine straight to a Music Reference RM9 MK2 with VooDoo VRS Reference ICs.To hear the body of the instruments is a wonderful thing! Good luck Sammie

Thanks for your responses and helpful info. I'll post later after I receive the CDP. I hope there's not a 3 month wait! Regards-Sammie