Any one using Dampening fluid on there Schroeder?

I have the mdl 2 schroder & would like to add some dampening fluid to the string, problem is I have no idea
which fluid to try should it be a thin fluid? medium? thick? xtra thick? I noticed Turntable basics sells some
but silicone fluid for cueing mechanisms, will this type work sufficiently?
I am currently using the music maker3 with the aluminum
mounting plate, AND the cartridgeman isolator.
I tried dampening fluid on my Schroeder one time, but I find Doc Johnson's Lube works much better.
What's the dampening fluid for?
What fluid? Dampening of that arm is basically determined by its construction (choice of arm material and design) with some adjustment made by altering the space between the magnets that hold the string "bearing" taut.

I would never put anything on the string unless this is either recommended or green lighted by the manufacturer. You could cause the string to weaken, to stretch or maybe shrink -- who knows?
Larryi, is right. Dampening on the Schroeders is done with the gap between the magnets and is quite sensitive.
the following right out of my shroeder model 2 manual

"Simply dip a piece of non magnetic wire (brass, copper...)
into the silicon fluid, wait until a drop has formed
and wipe it off onto the thread (near it's upper end).
The drop will slowly travel down the thread until it finally vanishes into the small oil well where the thread enters the armwand. Reapeat until the well is almost full.
or, better until Your satisfied with the sonic results.
Common silicon fluid have no adverse affect on the thread
or the bearing in general.
excess fluid can be wiped off using a cotton swab.
The effect resulting from that procedure depends
upon the cartridge used, and USUALLY increases perceived
"blackness" between notes & solidity of images WITHOUT
sacrificing "Attack" & "Air". "

there it is folks. Maybe I'll be the guinnypig & start out with some LIGHT oil & go from there, I'll report findings later.

Hey I did a search on Doc Johnson Oil....& Myraj...You are
one naughty Boy! Shame on You!! LMAO
I DONT think I will be putting any of THAT on my beloved
What problem are you trying to solve? It sounds as if you're trying to solve some sort of edginess that you're hearing.

* Is your alignment perfect (as in arc-protractor perfect)?

* Is your counterweight lock screw fairly tight? This is one screw that should be fairly cinched down for solid bass.

* Have you played with loading if you're running an MC?

* Of course, have you played with magnetic damping? I won't say all, but just about all Schroeders I've played with (only 2 Model-2's in this mix) have worked with the magnets spaced between one and one and a half business cards space.

Let me ask you one more question: how will you remove the fluid if you don't like it?

Ah ... I missed the reference to the Musicman. Never mind about loading.

Thom @ Galibier