Any One using Anticables Silver Cables

Hi, Planning to switch to silver anticables and need opinions on them. I use copper cables now . I have Vadersteen 5A speakers.
I am using them and like them very much. I directly compared them to Audioquest Cheetahs and preferred the silver Anticables. They where tonally similar, but more open and clear. BTW I have the ones with the silver RCAs and I am also a Vandersteen user.
There are other silver interconnects out there that are a lot less expensive.

MAC IC's, $179/pair

AudioQuest silver coax closeout via HCMAudio, $99.95/1M pair

Signal Cable Silver Solution, $99/3-ft pair; this is a silver/copper alloy.

I am also thinking of Morrow Cables. Anyone tried them on Vandersteen ?
I'd give a strong recommendation for Clear Day speaker cables. Paul has a demo pair you can try out in your system first, you just pay the return shipping, and he's incredibly nice to deal with. I discovered them here on the audiogon forums. Hope this helps!