Any One Use a SlingLink Turbo?

Our DSL router/gateway is on the second floor of our home and my 2 channel setup is on the first floor on the opposite end of the house. As our home was built in 1890, the walls are very thick and wireless is miserable. I recently read about this product and wanted to try it and see if it does what it says, i.e. use your household electrical wiring to essentially create another ethernet connection. Hard wiring from my router to my setup is not an option. I have a mac mini that I was planning on using as a music server but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the Sling product before I buy it.
Hi, I have NOT tried the product you're asking about. But I have tried a Netgear setup very similar. Plug one unit into the wall outlet close to your router, connect 2 units via ethernet cable. Then plug the next Netgear box next to the thing you want connected (in my case a Direct TV, non wireless reciever). One more ethernet cable between these two now.

Viola. Fast internet. Easy. (of course I wonder what kind of digital noise I am dumping into my power lines...)
Another option is a wireless repeater, sometimes called a range extender, offered by most of the wireless networking vendors. A repeater has the added bonus of giving you better wireless coverage inside your house, whereas the SlingLink only connects point to point via wired Ethernet. Here's the one I use:

There are many.