Any one try Event speakers?

I have just orderd a pair of Event Opal speakers. Has anyone else heard them? I ordered them based on Audio Critic review; they are intended to replace my speakers and amp as my phisical condition makes downsising necessary. Pardon my spelling as I have not yet mastered my new operating system.
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I think you're making a correct decision. I heard these speakers at the recording studio and they're very precise and well built.
They have extremely fast response, deep soundstage, precise and clear details, very strong and fast bass.
Finally $3000 for 400W amp and speakers does seem to be a great deal for money.
Yes, I owned a pair. I liked them quite a lot. Compared to the best stand mounts I've heard, they match up well, and for less $ when you consider the cost of a good amp. Not quite as transparent in the midrange as the best, and the tweeter has a trace of metallic peakiness, but these are pretty minor in the context of the overall full range, coherent sound.
I wrote an extensive review on
Input connections are by XLR or 1/4 inch mic cable only, however. No RCA inputs.
Event has very good customer service too.
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