Any one make a good sounding single disc SACD?

My question is there any single disc sacd players of good quality and sound (not a dvd/sacd just sacd) that does not cost thousands of dollars? I would like to set up a sacd along with my cd player to play both. Thanks
Be more specific. What exactly is your budget, what does your system look like, what are your musical tastes. Without those questions answered noone can give you a useful response here....
I had asked the same qustion and I've listenned to the advise i got - I bought MARANTZ 8260 (demo for $500) and I am very happy with it. It sounds great playing SACD and readbook CDs.
The Phillips 963 is smooth and has a wide soundstage. Plus the low end is more detailed compared to others for $400.
The Sony SCDXE-670 is a 1 disc player.
This was released to the European market only.
It sounds very good in both SACD and red book.
I bought a NIB for $200 shipped.Retail was $400
David - just a slight correction. The XE-670 is/was a lower priced single disc unit that was also released in Canada and was blown out $150 Cdn funds ($100 US) when discontinued about 5 months ago.
Rgd-Please tell me who sold the 670 for $100 new?
I find the player to sound excellent.
It replaced a Planet and it sounds better than the Planet in redbook and blows the Planet away in SACD.
It is my opinion that even lower priced SACD players can compete with the big boys.
I was in White Plains,NY at 'Toys From The Attic' a few months back and heard a MF Tri-Vista.
Smooth? Yes,Detailed? Yes,Great bass? Yes,Transparent? Yes,awesome? Yes. Analog sounding? No.But my 670 sounds great too.Of course it isnt on the same level but it isnt so far behind I'd buy a Tri-Vista.Not that big of a difference.
Whats the Tri-Vista? 6 grand?? For $200 ($400 retail) I think I like my Sony better.
Futureshop in Canada blew the XE-670 and the 775 5 disc units out their doors cheap some time ago. I thought about the 670 for $150 Cdn (which at that time was the equivalent of $100 US) but wanted someone to tweak it like I had my 333ES worked on by Richard Kern but nobody would take it on as a project so I passed it by. Now Matt Anker mods them but as they were discontinued some time ago I highly doubt you'll find many around let alone in the US where the model was virtually non-existant.
Rgd-Thank you for your info.Can you tell me how to get in touch with Matt?
This sacd player is better than even its old retail price should allow!
Matt's website is if memory serves me right.
Thank you.
Marantz 8260. I purchased mine before it was listed as Stereophile "A" category recently with $20K players. The rating just backed up what I feel is one of the best values on the market. Excellent sounding SACD AND exceptional sounding CD playback.

Now only one glitch, SOMETIMES in SACD playback it will just stop playing. It then resets back to start of SACD and I have to hit play to start again. I've recently purchased Dark Side o'Moon SACD and this happens more often than any other SACD. Anyone else experience this?

Nothwithstanding the "glitch" I still believe the Marantz 8260 is an excellent deal.