Any one know the file limitations in Ayrewave?

Can it deal with over 50,000 files? (tracks) 100,000? Thanks.
Send email or call Ayre. Their customer service is excellent.
I have had really bad luck with Arye Wave. It is that crash player. It locked up my mac mini and I had to re-load everything. Use Amara or Pure Music. My music server life has been much better with out it on my machine! TOO TOO Buggy!

This is very interesting. What DAC do you use Aryewave with? I find Aryewave to be the most stable out of the four players in my system. PM used to be stable but not any more ever since the 1.7x upgrade was released.
Excuse the naive question (I'm new to high-end gear) but why would anyone with a MAC use Ayre Wave when Ayre says to use Itunes with a Mac for Playback?

For an Apple computer we recommend using iTunes as your music player. Not only does this software package come pre-installed with new Apple computers, but it is easy to set up and use, the ripping capabilities are excellent, and the program works exceptionally well with other Apple products such as iPods.

Ayrewave sounds better than iTunes in many systems including mine. Having
said that, at this time, I like another player Audirvana better. It is just my
subjective preference. Both are excellent players and they do sound different
from each other. Please note that all these players are under active
development. It is possible that some point in the future, my preference may
The Ayre setup steps were done before Ayre Wave was available. I'd ask Ayre the same question. :)