Any one here heard the Bmi Oceanic Statement?

I'm a Power Cord FREAK!!! I heard lots of good things about BMI. I'm looking to put it in my CDP. Right now I'm using a AQ power cord the NRG-5 retail some where $600 dollars, I pay about $200 not bad for the money. Any way any experience with the Bmi Oceanic Statement would be appreciated. Thank You.

@cuprone1 I was looking at the BMI site a few months ago but it seems to have disappeared now.

I think the owner must have died about 7-8 years ago.

The BMI Oceanic Statement was the top cable with the Rhodium edition being about $500 more. They retailed for $5-6k.

The Hammerhead was their most popular cable because it was more affordable at around $2-2.5k

I still have 3 Oceanic Statement Gold editions. They are excellent for source components. Very flexible too.

Brian is alive and still living in South Jersey. He currently has some Denon gear for sale at USAUDIOMART and his screen name is mrchips. That was his screen name on Audiogon as well. If you check my feedback you'll see I bought from him in 2004. He was a very nice and honest person and was very easy to deal with. Looking at his feedback it looks like he hasn’t sold on Audiogon since 2009. As far as BMI is concerned I have no idea.