Any one help with AAD speakers

I'm shopping for some Home theater left, right and center speakers and a sales person is pushing the aad e 48 tower and e44 center channnel. I listen and like but don't know a thing about them. If you have any input or would like to recomend something else I'm all ears. Thanks
At about $700.00 a pair, the AAD E48 are a competitively priced good performing pair of speakers.

In case you don't already know, the man behind this design is Phil Jones of Acoustic Energy, who later designed for Boston Acoustic's Lynnfield project. He then worked for Platinum Audio before beginning AAD.

The AAD speaker is cost effective because is manufactured in a huge production facility in mainland China. Phil moved there with his family in the late 90's and has baby sat the project ever since.

The important thing other than understanding the speakers origin, is listening without pressure from the sales people. If possible, compare with speakers at other audio stores and see what makes you happy.
I agree with Albert that the performance/price ratio is high with these speakers and are certainly worthy of consideration. If I were in the market for speakers in this realm I'd also give the new Energy speakers a listen, and I'd also look into Axiom speakers.

Since this seems to be a home theater application exclusively , given this price range I'd seriously consider going with a sub/sat setup instead of towers as you'll probably get more of that low bass that can make watching movies so much more enjoyable. I'd still consider the above companies for a sub/sat setup as all make good monitors and subs at very reasonable prices. You can add a second sub later and really get things moving if you want. Best of luck.