Any one heard the Supra Zac Toslink I am looking to upgrade?

I am currently using wireworld nova 5 and am looking to upgrade.
hi ! i'm an electronic tech specializing in audio/tv repair with over 30 years of experience. there are some areas in audio worthwhile spending money...optical cable is not one of those ... do yourself a favor an experiment  . install a very cheap cable and do a blind test between cheap one and the one you have now. just play several pieces of music to any young  women under 30 years old. let them judge , they have better hearing then you and me .i bet you  they will say there is no difference . you can use this one. wish you lots of fun

Of course, some of us will disagree with @kgbspy. I prefer glass and use Lifatec cables. Nice build quality and they pass a 24/192 signal flawlessly, unlike many lesser Toslink cables I've used.

Sorry @victroy3, I've not used the Supra.

I bought the super nova 7 I couldn't get enough info on the supra