Any one heard the Parasound JC-1 Mono Amps?

Any heard the production versions of the Parasound JC-1
mono amps?
Sure, but I helped design them and they made me a dealer as well so think I will refrain from going on, but will say the amps are significantly "better" than the CTC BBQ amp primarily due to twice the power supply, 40% more heatsink and Carl Thompson's very trick layouts.....
I intend to purchase a pair of these. The only thing holding me back is the lack of funding : ) Sean
can anyone tell me the list price for a pair ? thanks
6K/pr is the pricing.....Enjoy the Music has a picture and specs under "News" on their website.....These are 400w hot rods.....If you note the S/N ratio Carl Thompson did this with the board and not a pile of buss bar to obtain 122dB, probably a record for a 400w/135a current amp.....
Mr. Crump- Mahalo for your input, but it seems that Parasound hasn't sent the JC-1s out to very many dealers.

Has there been a hold up on the production units?

Also, has anyone out there heard these "hot rods" other than Robert?

The amp is quite unlike anything Parasound has ever built before and the pricing reflects this. There is no hold-up in getting these to dealers.....The amps have been available for just about a month is all so expect reports in the next month or so.......I'm pleased, but I don't count.....