Any one heard "The Five Browns"?

I heard this family of 5 pianists on the TV the other day. I was intrigued, Piano 10 hands on 5 Steinways! They sounded great. I've located their CD, but to my dismay it is recorded on Dual Disc. Has anyone bought and listened to this? One side is 5.1 the other CD (not) Redbook? This maybe a classical piano treat and a real test of a systems dynamics if recorded properly! Classical/Romantic seems to be their forte at this time.
I have not...Amazon has some sound-bites for anyone that wants a short listen.

Move out of the way LeBecks. You've been outnumbered.
I flushed five browns this morning. I didn't hear them making much noise over the toilet flushing.


I have the CD but haven't listened to it yet. I'll do so tonight and offer some thoughts.
I flushed five browns this morning.

In keeping with the old drought-condition adage "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down"
I flushed half a fence post !
Lost 2lbs.
I tried to drop my five browns off at the pool this morning, but all they wanted to do was yell and scream out the window. Hence there was nothing to flush.
This is turning into a shitty thread...
It mentions on the jewel case insert that it is a 24 bit 88.2 khz recording. Then there's a second note that says "This CD may NOT play on all CD players"? If it just wasn't a Dual-Disc! I passed for now as it could turn into a Duel-Disc trying to return it if it only plays in a DVD player?
Marco, Here's the Family History of your 5 Browns ;0)~
Thanks Audiobugged - I just hope they all can swim!

I had a chance to see the Video's on the Dual Disc. The concert performances are really something to see!

Yet looking at the facial expressions of the 3 Brown sisters it seems like they are in a Svengali hypnotic amnesic trance? Or their puppetmaster is Marty Feldman?

Naw.... unlike AGon's regular Marco, they may just be glances of discomfort due to chronic constipation?
I have their album (ack, disc I mean). Very good; I really like the "Scenes From West Side Story." I was disappointed that in the DVD of "Scenes..." they didn't include "Tonight." Instead, they play an abbreviated version.

Really interestin to watch how they "communicate" with each other when they're all playing.