Any one have Tetras

I've read a few things about Tetras. Apparently they are favored by a number of jazz muscians because they sound like "actual music". Ron Carter has them. I do know that. But I can't find out too much about them. I'm trying to decide if it is worth a drive to listen to them.

Any experience with them, anyone?
I have the Neon Tetras and they can hold their own in any tank..uh, any system.
I recently bought a pair of the 305 Manhattan, or I guess sometimes called "The Kids". I have very few places around to here any speakers. I was at the one shop in town looking to listen to some Rega R5 speakers. For the money they were real nice. I was looking for something for my small size 11x14 room, to replace my 14 year old PSB mini Stratus. The Dealer also had one pair of the 305's on a special. We hooked them up and wow, I had to have them. They sounded great, looked great, beautiful cabinetry !! Amazing bass from a fairly small floor stander out of a 4.5" woofer. These were not in my budget, but for being in the right place at the right time, this particular pair I could swing.
Here is a picture of my speakers still at the shop I got them at.
So Kurt_tank are you suggesting that we forget all multi-thousand dollar cables, CD demagnetizers and brilliant pebbles - that the ultimate tweek is a good wine. Do you find that whites enhance the treble and reds the bass? I find that Sauvignon Blanc tends to give the music that glassy sound, I mean grassy.
For more tweaks you could try Don Julio 1942 tequila and Jean Marc XO vodka. Very different treatments with different effects, both worthwhile. Guess it'd depend on your mood but they both work well with tubes.