Any one have experience with the Psvane Cossor series of vacuums tubes?

I am getting ready to retube my Wall Audio Opus 120 phono stage, out of the 12 tubes, 9 are 12AU7s of which 1 is in the power supply. I was going to start with the 6 to the rca outs and was getting ready to order a gain matched sextet of the Psvane 12AU7T IIs then ran across the new, to me, Cossor series of Psvane tubes. I will say I run a lot of Psvane and Shuguang Premium grade tubes in other equipment and they have become my go to tubes, I have their 12AX7L black bottle tubes from Grant Fidelity and love them, although expensive they are worth every dime in my Aural Thrills phono stage. These new tubes look like them, black bottle, but can be had for the price of the Psvane Treasure tubes which is much more resonable. Does anyone have any experience with this new tube by Psvane? What say you?