any one have direct exp with hi-end hard drive?

There are few supposedely high end hard disk drive players.....Olive's Opus, VSR, Novaphysic's Memory Player, Zero One player.....

I find these quite interesting in least in terms of convenience...but any one have first hand experience?
The Nova Physics Memory Player has two webzine reviews out there at this time. Go to and
For a printed preview writeup see the latest issue of The Audiophile Voice.
As these reports point out, the MP is not merely a "hi-end hard drive". The MP does not use a hard drive to play the music back. The music data for playback is retrieved from "flash" memory. A hard drive is only used for storing the music data.
It is a unique product. The way the data is read off the CD, the way it is processed, and the way it is stored is brand new to the industry in a commercially available product.
I saw a similar looking deck at a demonstration of professional video production gear. It'd be interestesting to know if they used the same technology (I'm betting they do), and if so, what the price comparison would be. Sometimes the pro gear actually costs less than the esoteric audio stuff.
I was very impressed with the sound of the MP at RMAF. But the interface looked crude and the price is very high. Still, given not only the sound of the unit but the track records of the firm's principals, this product could be Significant.
I do now have the Sonus wireless system hooked up to my DAC....pretty good for background but good enough for serious listening
I am sceptical that the MP has been derived from the video arena. Rather, as one of the reviews points out, the RUR process is derived from something the audio recording industry already uses. But that is only one third of the story. Then you also have to consider that the Error Correction Codes for video are much more sophisticated and are not compatible with the Reed Solomon ECC used for the Compact Disc.
Furthermore, the MP uses a flash memory for storing the data that is to be played back. Put RUR, dropping RS-ECC, and playback from flash memory all together, and the MP moves into the unique category. At least from what I have been able to construe.
Go to for more info yet.
These are generally called "music servers". The hard drive is only a place to store the data. It does not "play" from the hard drive like a CD plays from a Transport.

The memory player and the Zero-one are the only ones that I would consider high-end, at least in stock form.
I'm using the TI 48 from Zero One since almost 1 1/2 years and I'm very happy with it. It has replaced a Audio Meca Mephisto II.
It is not only sounding and looking great, it is also very easy to use and it is totally independent of a computer.
Soon I get it's soundcard modded. That will be interesting