Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?

Looking to buy one of these class A Integrated , A21A or A21SE, will pair it with Tannoy GR Speakers , any input will be appreciated.
Lots of great reviews on Sugden A21se I think it would be great for your Tannoys I think they are more efficient than my PMC 86 dB I can’t get past 10 o’clock   on the volume before it just to loud for listening pleasure 
FYI. There are 2 Sugden amps for sale on Canuck audio mart a21a $2300 cdn and a21se sig for $2999 cdn great deals with the US dollar check them out 
I own the A21se and love it. Check out the recent Tone Publications review. The review ends this way:

“I guarantee that this is an amplifier, that once you hear it, you will never forget it. Very enthusiastically recommended, especially in a world where we mistakenly think that “high end sound” requires a six figure budget.”

I used a Sugden Masterclass SpA-4 with my Turnberry Gr and it was one of the best pairings I had. 
I have heard the "regular" Sugden A21 which I thought sounded beautiful on Devore speakers, and the Masterclass which I thought was sublime. Why aren't these spoken about more?