Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?

Looking to buy one of these class A Integrated , A21A or A21SE, will pair it with Tannoy GR Speakers , any input will be appreciated.
I have experience lusting after them, does that count? The Sig Edition with some Tannoys would be some kind of heaven I think.
After trying Bryston 17b cubed with Bryston 4b cubed with my PMC twenty 5/26 and not really enjoying the sound I decided to go the Sugden route I purchased a Masterclass 1A4 integrated pure class A 33 watts/ channel  and now I am in heaven Sugden has all the power I need to produce the soundstage the detail the base and balance the pmc is capable of making. I was thinking of purchasing another Masterclass for my Fact 8s but I am waiting for delivery of my Goldnote IS 1000 integrated built in dac streamer and gain adjustment if it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another  Sugden for my Facts. 
Thanks for the input captain Steve but the one within my budget is the A21 or the A21SE which is a lower model not sure if it make a difference
I have the A21SE Sig., and think it sounds better than my Pass xa30.8, at least to my ears.  I guess, to me, it sounds more tube like, more liquid and more three dimensional.  Of course, the Pass has more power, and speaker pairing is more flexible, but the Sugden has more magic.
Lots of great reviews on Sugden A21se I think it would be great for your Tannoys I think they are more efficient than my PMC 86 dB I can’t get past 10 o’clock   on the volume before it just to loud for listening pleasure 
FYI. There are 2 Sugden amps for sale on Canuck audio mart a21a $2300 cdn and a21se sig for $2999 cdn great deals with the US dollar check them out 
I own the A21se and love it. Check out the recent Tone Publications review. The review ends this way:

“I guarantee that this is an amplifier, that once you hear it, you will never forget it. Very enthusiastically recommended, especially in a world where we mistakenly think that “high end sound” requires a six figure budget.”

I used a Sugden Masterclass SpA-4 with my Turnberry Gr and it was one of the best pairings I had. 
I have heard the "regular" Sugden A21 which I thought sounded beautiful on Devore speakers, and the Masterclass which I thought was sublime. Why aren't these spoken about more?  
One local retailer in town has Sugden as his affordable ss line.
He also carries Devore, Line Magnetic, Innous and Nagra along with
many others good brands. AZ HiFi in Phoenix if you can get here.

I live in the west valley, and that's where I heard them. Good store.
Never had integrated amp from Sugden but in the 90's I bought new (demo) a set of Au41 pre and Au31 power amp, still have these in my second listening room with either Magnepan SMG or Tangent RS6. Few years ago I had the chance to find a Au51 pre and Au51 power amp used, they are with Snell Acoustics CII.  SUGDEN FOREVER AND EVER
I really love this amp.  I have been going through integrated amps for the last 25 years and this one is my absolute favorite.  I use the A21se with Devore O93s and Spatial M4 Triode Masters.  And best of all no tube issues. 
Yup! Great match, tannoys & sugden. I think you too will love the combo. There is just something so right about the sound. I run the a21se to drive my eatons, and they sound dreamy....pair it with a nice tubed phono preamp and you will forever be happy. I use the tavish design classic, but the vintage and adagio would also be fantastic. Go for the a21se, bigger power supply and more watts (30 @ 8 ohm/40 @ 4 ohm). Provide plenty of ventilation or space as they run hot.

Here is a nice review for you to peruse:
Just bought one...Have a little concern about the heat since it will be a part of a desktop based system. It was really the only way for me get a musical piece of equipment without dealing with the size of tube integrateds. I also consider Class A a dying topology for amps, so I feel lucky to be able to snag one of these amps. It will be all Class D soon and Class D implementations are coming alont but not there yet as far as sound. 
After trying Bryston 17b cubed with Bryston 4b cubed with my PMC twenty

5/26 and not really enjoying the sound
sound of bryston amps depends mostly of preamp used together with them,they can sound cold,clinical or warm and musical
Love my A21SE, having used it for several months now and can say this amp is the best value (and probably best sounding) amp I have ever owned. I've been an Audiophile on and off for well over 20 years and heard alot of memorable pieces and this one ranks highest in terms of value, performance and sound. So much so I am buying it's larger brother the IA4 for a second system. I weighed all the pros and cons, and really wanted something different just to experience a different sound, but honestly, there is no reason to since I get ALL of what I want with the A21SE. Sugden most certainly satisfies the Audiophile itch.