any one give the Polk Lsi25 a good listen?

They are closing these out a such a good price I am tempted to buy them just to see how they stand up.
Flabby bass? Wide soundstage? Open natural sound? Perhaps someone can enlighten me? Comparisons?
How much is a good price?
Polk are not my favorite speakers by a long shot.
I had LSI 9's they were horrible and I blew one speaker after two months.
Muddy and undetailed from the mids and bass (noisy box?) IMO. I have had a few Polk speakers over the years and have always been disappointed. I can't even remember the models but they were one of their best at the time, they were very forgettable.
For what its worth, many years ago I owned Lsi15's : mediocre at best. Replaced by Soliloquy 5.3i (RIP) and it was a vast improvement
Wanted to like polk audio because as a young kid I used to want a pair because when I heard them at my local sound track I thought that they sounded good. Someone gave me a pair about 8 months ago and as much as I wanted to like them, I just didn't. To me, what bass they had was flabby and the highs were really rolled off. Who knows though, with a good amp and set up properly, they might have been better.
$1295 brand new delivered Ebay
For that money look at Legacy 's Studio HDs!
Terrible gear I owned the lsi9 when I was so novice that my audio store was J&R in Manahattan, after that I got the lsi15 and I was never engaged to their sound, from there I jumped to Dali Helicons 800 mkII, no kidding?
I did and I certainly understood the price to pay specially to your golden ears when you own Polk audio speakers making all the impossible to one day hope they will sound hi end! I did ......
Stay away from them please, waste of time, ears punishment.....
They aren't getting much love here, but my first 2ch experience years ago was at a Tweeter listening to the LSi25. My uninitiated ears like them a whole lot; they were a much more enjoyable listen than the other stuff in the store, which included a $3400 Martin Logan model, and the $3500 Sonus Faber Grand Piano. It was probably due to their non-offensive mid/highs and the powered 10" woofers (which seemed to be properly setup) providing a more full range sound than the others could manage.

I haven't heard them again in ages, but if you're dead-set on buying new with warranty, and you want something that approaches full range without a separate sub, then $1295 seems OK to me. You'll take a hit in resale, if it comes to that. I much prefer other brands, but $1300 isn't a lot these days to achieve full range with decent sound quality.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying the smaller LSi15 due to size concerns; the woofer section of the LSi15 was just awful. Some will advocate tons of quality power to fix the LSi15, but they're beyond fixing.
I'm also surprised by the Polk hatefest on this thread--on previous threads their avid fans have leaped to their defense. Personally, I think Polk's finest work was in the 80s--the SDA, RTA and even the low-cost Monitor series were really good in their own way. I've owned the more modern LSi-7/Lsi-9, which are well-balanced, high-value monitors, but would tend to agree with some of the above criticisms of the larger Lsi-15.
I have the Lsi15s. Have Loved them for 8 years now. May go with the LsiM 707 if / when I am convinced they are a 'real' upgrade. The biggest problem with POLK is the name POLK and the reasonabl;e price. Real people can afford them and can purchase them at real stores.. Now, if only a few fat cats could afford them, and you had to kiss some snobbish salesman's butt to buy them, they would be the darlings of all the anti-music, Audiogearphiles and their guru reviewers.
>> Now, if only a few fat cats could afford them, and you had to kiss some snobbish salesman's butt to buy them, they would be the darlings of all the anti-music, Audiogearphiles and their guru reviewers.<<

Hardly. The Polks are mid-fi ar best. Go with the concensus...

I owned the LSi15s for a period and thought they were pretty good for the price. They were replaced by a pair of Proac Response 1.5s which were only slightly better IMO.
The LSi7 is one of my favorite small monitors at their current ebay refurb price.
A close friend and fellow audio club member owns the LSI25's . There's few in our group that don't feel there well worth there retail price . Synergy is such a big thing you'll really have to try them in your system to know if there right for you .
After reading Rok2id's posts for a while, it is obvious he has little or no experience with quality equipment. Disregard most of what he has to say.

"Disregard most of what he has to say"

Whew!! Mr Shakey, That was a close one. I sure do thank you for sparing me the ultimate sanction. I thank you for the word 'MOST'. You could just as easy have ORDERED members to disregard ALL or EVERYTHING I have to say. I have always felt you were a shining example of what an Audiophile should be.
Thank You Sir!

But, I suspect you are a day late and a dollar short, with your comment.


BTW, Mr Shakey, could you define 'quality equipment'? Thanking you in advance sir.
Well since you have stated before that it all sounds the same, I guess it could be anything from Best Buy for you.

And this statement is purely asinine.

"Polk Lsi15. I have had the urge to 'upgrade' for 9 years. But there is nothing out there that would be an 'upgrade'"

Nothing? Really?

"Well since you have stated before that it all sounds the same, I guess it could be anything from Best Buy for you."

Maybe, maybe not, but it does not answer the question. I asked YOU, where does 'quality equipment' begin?

""Polk Lsi15. I have had the urge to 'upgrade' for 9 years. But there is nothing out there that would be an 'upgrade'"

Given my space and values, this is true. it also could be true in an absolute sense. I do not equate price and size with with sound quality. Now, there may be many fine speakers in the polk's class / price range, but that does not mean they would be upgrades. They may not be as good, or just as good. the 'monster' speakers are not considered due to size / appearance reasons. So saying for instance, that the Wilson Maxx is a better speaker, has no meaning to me. That's like saying a Formula 1 car is better than my fusion. It's too big and costly for me, and NO ONE has ever said it was the PERFECT speaker. I would rather have his and her S classes.

And I was not the first to say it all sounds the same. The FOUNDERS of this hobby said so. And they were true hobbyists. Made their system themselves. If I mentioned their names it would cause foaming at the mouth and howling throughout the site. I am sure you know your audio history, so you already know of them.
First of all, you didn't qualify your statement.

But there is NOTHING out there that would be an 'upgrade'"

THAT is the stupidity I was referring to.

Another Julian Hirsch disciple?
Pretty much nails it.

Polk is awful gear, they can be given to me for free that i have no interest.
the learning curve in this hobby take time, exposure and trusting ears, when you listen to harbeth is when you can talk about Polk legacy, horrible....
Looking at some of your posts through the years, I've noticed that you and I have owned a lot of the same speakers and electronics. It's astounding that we have had many of the same favorites and I think I have a good idea of what kind of sound you are looking for. Very close to what I am looking for. Natural, detailed but not razor sharp, dynamic balanced and open. Something you can listen too and not tire of after ten minutes.
Based on that assumption how would you describe the sound of the Lsi 15's that you had for awhile in your home.?
thanks, shoe
I remember really liking those old Polk 10's, with the two small mid/woofers and the passive radiator. I think they were on to a good thing at that time.
Harbeth ? total junk .
I recently picked up a pair of used LSi9's for the hell of it. They were sitting in the original owners closet for a few years and they needed about a two weeks of frequent play to open up.
I was pretty impressed but felt it could do more. After much research and experimentation I got these well built monitors to achieve true high-end sound.
First and foremost, they must be bi-wired. They really opened up in the midrange, projecting a clean, slightly forward vocal range.
Next was partially stuffing the rear port with foam rubber. This speaker is a bit bass heavy and my ears are very sensitive to this. I lowered this midbass thickness by ear with the foam rubber.
They need good sand or lead shot filled stands. You don't have to spend a fortune. The Pangea DS03 24 inch works well.
Finally, position it well away from rear and side walls with a good solid state amp and I'm sure you'll be impressed.
Why all the anti-Polk hysteria? Maybe some of the more rational and knowledgeable members could weigh in on this phenomena. The answer has to include something UNIQUE to Polk. No other brands elicits such a visceral reaction.
Hell, even YORK gets more respect.

Can anyone explain this?

Just curious.

BTW, Stereo Review, Julian, Leonard and Pete can also get them going.
Why all the anti-Polk hysteria? Maybe some of the more rational and knowledgeable members could weigh in on this phenomena.

I am rational and reasonably knowledgable.

"No other brands elicits such a visceral reaction."

There you go again, speaking in absolutes. If you do your homework you will see plenty of other speakers that get dissed.


Just to name a few.

Strange, I've always heard how good the LSI series was, even from this site. Almost bought a pair myself a few times. Never heard so much negativity.

I have noticed that you never actually answer questions, or add anything to the discussion. Maybe you should try that 'speaking in absolutes', this site could use a lot more of it.

It is apparent that you did not, or will not try to, understand the premise of my statements concerning Polk speakers, so we will let it go at that.

You are long on tic for tac, but very short on answers, or meaningful input. Conversations under these conditions get tedious very quickly.

You are long on tic for tac, but very short on answers, or meaningful input.

Keep checkin'.

Shoe, my impression of the LSi15s was that they had a nice tonal balance, good dynamics, although I don't play music loud very often, plenty of detail without getting harsh. There biggest failing was a flat soundstage, no depth of field. I like three dimensionality, which they lacked.
thanks timrhu
Polk speakers are bang for the buck, no other speakers can compete, but if you're talking "audiophile", keep on moving.
Et Tu, O-10?
I had the LSi9 and LSI 15 as i mentioned before, i had to buy different amp cause they really need power to keep going, after all the expenses i went for audio auditions in NYC, certainly after listening to the Dali mentor series and Helicons, came home not wanting to troubleshoot the polks anymore, i sold the 9s to a friend and the lsi15 on craiglist,
i did not miss them, i am glad to hear some of you did like them, i don't consider them audiophile level sound.
but is just my experience nothing written on stone or absolute here.
Buon weekend
"Polk speakers are bang for the buck, no other speakers can compete"

You are right Orpheus. All other contenders are just pretenders, nothing but Polk will do.

Too bad most of us just wasted our money on what we "thought" would be better performance. Dang!

Shakeydeal, I can write, but can you read. Bang for the buck means what it says. Dollar spent for dollars worth of sound = Polk Speakers. Now if you spend a gozillion dollars on Wilson or one of those other "Stereophile" speakers and then say yours is better, and you feel you got your money's worth, that's fine; but when you compare that speaker to "Polk", that's moronic.
They are not 'audiophile' speakers. They are speakers for enjoying music. Maybe that's the disconnect here.
I think 'audiophiles' listen to test tones or pink/white noise. Or, maybe you didn't like the polks because you had the wrong speaker cable. ahahahahah
I know I just like to go home and relax to some good test tones lol...

I just love that 80hz tone with its warm one note embrace.
hahahahah An honest man. And an audiophile to boot. Fancy that! I'm sort of partial to 60hz hum myself. You have not lived until you have heard 60hz on Wilsons.
They are not 'audiophile' speakers. They are speakers for enjoying music. Maybe that's the disconnect here.

That makes sense to me as I have owned a couple (not all) audiophile speakers that were terrible at conveying the music.
I owned LSi9's for years - fantastic speakers. They're a great all rounder. Other speakers I've used in the past include Aerial Acoustics, Totem, Tannoy and Dynaudio...the Polks were up there - the ring radiator was special.

I used Krell or Simaudio amplification and a number of digital sources and cables.

With regards to other speakers I've auditioned...too many to list but all the usual suspects...Wilson, Revel, Focal and many others...

The LSi series wasn't 'mid-fi' in my opinion - Every speaker has inherent weaknesses.
I've used the following over the years: Aerial Acoustics, Totem, Tannoy, Dynaudio as well as Polk Audio LSi 9's. I thought the Polks were excellent and certainly not mid-fi. Switching to Totems was a major disappointment for me in my system with all of the genres except Jazz that I listened too.

The Polk name is mid-fi but the LSi's certainly weren't. I've listened to all the usual suspects - Wilson, Revel, Focal as well as rarer brands like Krell, Reference 3a, Kudos and various Italian brands.

The LSi's were a poor mans Krell resolution - the bass wasn't as tight or clean but the airy sound with the Vifa tweeter sure was sweet. The LSi's benefitted from power. I used SimAudio and higher powered Krell, the LSi's benefited from the Krell power output.

A great fun speaker that is easy to listen too. Doesn't have the 'audiophile badge' but is certainly an audiophile speaker capable or resolving complex music with a warm tone and deep soundstage with pin point imaging. At three feet from the back wall with proper toe in (I used WASP) they really shined, a dedicated 250wpc power amp probably would have kicked things up a notch or two.
Rok, every now and then you accidentally say something that's most profound. "I think 'audiophiles' listen to test tones or pink/white noise."

I don't know what they listen to, but this is the worst "music forum" I've ever seen. No longer do I bother to attempt a "thread", because you're the only person here who can even engage in a conversation about any music worth listening to. I could get more conversation from randomly talking to whoever I met walking down the street. Maybe I should start a conversation about test tones or pink and white noise.

During the time when I just about lived in "high end emporiums", we were jammin with all ARC electronics and Thiel speakers, when a customer came in wanting to audition a Rotel amp. Before the Rotel amp was inserted in the mix, all the instruments in the music occupied a place in space. You could point to the trumpet or sax, and all of the odd percussion instruments just popped out of the air, while the bass was solid as a rock emanating from it's place in space.

Once this Rotel amp was inserted, the music became one big "gumbo soup" again. My point is, even with "gozillion" dollar speakers, if you don't have a complete line up of "gozillion" dollar electronics, you ain't got squat.
Vintage Polk..Good! New Polk ...who cares..they don't; why should you??
Big Q to those have tried the Lsi9, how do they perform in low volume?

I'm on the anti Polk and Bose fance but heck I might give them a try just for heck of it. Imo, if theyare for easy listening, can they pass the critical listen? Anyways, I don't keep my other high end bookshelf very long anyways.

The LSi9 needs to be played at a healthy volume to sound its best.