any one every heard nagra pma's with avalon indras

I have the avalon indras with hovalnd radia and hovland hp 200 thinking of changing to nagras pma and plp anyone have any experience with nagras and avalons? Thank you.
I had the opportunity to hear this combination a couple of years ago on a HiFi fair in London. It was very limited experience, so please take it as very superficial opinion.

I didn't like it very much. The sound was very dry and it wasn't particulary exciting.

During the years I had the opportunity to here various Avalon speakers with various amps and the best combination was Avalon Sentinel with Hovland Stratos monos - that was a great sound ...
I concur. The PMAs are very dry sounding. If anything, consider VPA or Stratos monos.
thanks for your response guys, I kind of had that impression in mind as well.....
I have deep admiration for both Avalon and the VPA's, however I think the load that the Indra presents would be difficult for the VPA's.
VPA worked with my Eidolons very well.
Can testify to the beauty created when Spectral DMA360.2's drive the Indras.