Any one ever change a bass driver on a B&W Sig 800


Any one have experience changing bass driver’s on B&W signature 800’s

Thanks John
Why would you want to change the driver? If the surround is old foam it may need new surrounds.

Also you do NOT want to put in any other driver than what was made for that speaker. I won't go into here but you'd be sorry putting in any other driver. You've been warned:)

There is a slight noise. B&W sent me a pair of new drivers.
Why would you?
Just change speakers.
Couple of ideas for you, John. My drivers are usually still stuck, even after I remove the screws. My way to get them to pop loose is this. I turn an oversized screw, like a sheet metal screw, into one of the holes. Then, with a thick, folded towel, under it, I use a claw hammer to pop the speaker loose so I can get a finger under it. Sounds radical, but it works. Also you need to make sure your new drivers are air-tight, either with a gasket or some sort of sealant. Don't cross the wires, but I'm sure you know that. By the way, do you hear or feel anything when you push the cone in slightly with your fingers?

No voice coil binding sound when you push in the driver. I'm wondering is one the driver conection wires are hitting the cone. Did you change yours with the speaker in its vertical position or on it's back? What kind of sealer is on the driver from B&W. eg gasket or soft puddy type.

Thanks John
Beware that even if you get the driver out, the connections may be soldered.
I did it in the begining of this year. You have to be very carefully. It is the best way og doing it with two people.First you put oy the metal ring. Than you put of the srews. After that one person had to hold the unit with at the highest position, and the other one can get it loose of the cabinet. When you place the unit unit use a long metal pin to get it in the cabinet again. You have to solder the wire to get is loose first and later to put it on again