Any one else like the class D ICE power amps?

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Running 1400 watt pioneer sc-09tx & just purchased wyred4sound mini mc-3 (220 (w) at 8ohms per channel)for mains /center. Love the low distoration, clean , crisp sound! JL Audio F-113 subs powered by 5,000 (w) of class d amplification!

I think it is the way of the future reasonably priced, light weight/small/powerful & 85+ efficient.

Jeff Rowland is not the way to go IMO same B&O modules used as wyred4sound at 3-4 times the price! Quaulity is were its needed (in the wyred4sound), not the fanciest cabinet. Jeff Rowland has beatiful jewerly like cabinets but is thousands more per watt. (probably the highest mark-up out their) i loved to open a wyred4sound (hidden gem) & a JR amp up side by side.

Please any Jeff Rowland owners set me straight if their is a difference in the ICE power between the two, last time I checked the mini mc-3 was using the newest ICE modules available. What justifies the thoudands of $ higher price tag? Never got a response to my e-mail to JR??

Class D amps (most of them have arrived) most people think class d stands for digital?? The real reasons is it the next corresponding letter in the alphabet.

ICE power believers tell me what you think.

I should add, the H2O fire preamp is specifically designed to work with ICE amps as well as all other amps. The Fire's low impedance matches ICE amp's low impedance. It was used in the review I posted above.
I am running Murano P-1000S+ monos in my system with Maggie 3.6 speakers and I LOVE them! Murano Audio is (was) a Taiwan-based company using the B & 0 ICE Power modules. I agree that paying huge money for Rolands (or even Bel Cantos for that matter) is silly unless you absolutely MUST have the particular cosmetic design each offers. Not all ICE power modules are identical, however...some companies "tweak" the B & O modules with slightly upgraded parts, including output terminals and speaker connectors. The Murano 1000S+ monoblocks I own were the very last pair available on the planet! These were bought brand-new from Audio Video Choices out of Arizona. The sales rep / owner had gargantuan Krell monoblocks at $30,000 per pair, as I recall, which he "retired" to storage after getting the Muranos (which sold for $1800 per pair new!). One of the distinctive features of the Murano "plus" series ia the Swedish Lundahl input transformer. (Jeff Roland uses the same transformer, which not only makes for better impedance matching with a wide variety of preamps but also results in a lower noise floor / blacker backgrounds, better retrieval of inner detail and extended treble response. As far as I know, Bel Canto also includes the Lundahl "upagrade," which is not found in H20, Wyred 4 Sound, and other class D designs. I have not compared my Muranos with, say, NuForce or Channel Islands' offerings. Each of the above designs takes a slightly different approach to Class D, and some use proprietary (or highly modified) circuit designs. (The CIA Hypex design is from Philips rather than B & O, and quite good as I am told.) Some have compared the Muranos to Rolands side by side and could not hear a difference. And, as noted, a good Class D design can "smoke" highly-regarded class A/AB designs. (But careful system matching is a must.) I owned an early PS Audio Class D design and found it sterile and uninvolving. Later I owned a well-reviewed Musical Fidelity amp and found it to be pleasant sounding but lacking in dynamics, air, and inner detail. For the record, the owner of Audio Video Choices is not impressed with the Wyred 4 Sound offererings after owning the Muranos, even though the Wyreds have an upgraded input transformer and a few other tweaks. I would recommend a good tubed pre and even a tube (or tube-modified) disc player, if you listen to CDs / SACDs. My Class D amps are a GREAT match for my Maggie 3.6s...their high current / high damping factor help them really "grab" the panels and make them sing...and without the "coolness" some associate with Class D. IF I ever upgrade it will be a vertical bi-amp setup with Monarchy Audio tube-hybrid amps. That setup should add the "frosting to the cake" in terms of ultimate control of the Maggies with a smidge more warmth. Stay tuned...I MAY upgrade this year, and the amps will go for exactly what I paid for them...they are VERY RARE and probably the best bang for the buck in amps you will ever find!
Thank you for ICE. A complete shift in what you get for your money. Goodbye heat sinks, wasted energy, fat murky sound, distortion, heavy lifting.

I am a huge fan of the Bel canto flavor of ICE. Some very fine amps.
Yes, Chadeffect...I agree that Bel Canto does ICE power right, and I like pretty much everything they make, for that matter. I hope my comments didn't imply anything to the contrary. For the "newbies" to Class D, however, a good starting place may be to search AudiogoN for EVS (now discontinued), PS Audio GCA series (also discontinued),
H2O or even the Wyreds. Upgrades (to Bel Canto, for example) can come later as funds allow...
I have set up my Bel Cantos with a Modwright tubed pre-amp and am driving VSA VR-4JRs. I have been ecstatic with the combination. Mating a tubed pre to the ICE worked for me. Articulation without fatigue, natural midrange voices and strings, and fast, deep bass.