Any one converting their analog into digital?

What is the best way but also reasonably priced of course to convert vinyl into digital that will sound close to the original source a high-end turntable?
Their are a couple of formats above the standard red book of 44k, but which one is best? And what dac would could be recommended? The berkeley? Bryston? Korg?
And what a/d/c would be recommended?
Just a side note, I just don't listen to digital any more since my turntable has been modified, so I'm hoping that there is some way of transfering it into digital that will suffice!
I feed the tape output of my arc ref one to an apogee duet then my mac pro over firewire. Record using audacity or cd spin doctor. Save to aiff at 24/96. Playback through a cambridge dac magic. Sound excellent to me.
Wasnt this same thread started not to long ago ?
Yes Riley but I was wondering if the higher resolution dac's inspired anyone to go with a higher rez adc and how they are implementing this. The berkeley sounds promising and it plays back at 176k.
Yes, there was at least one other discussion of this topic back in 2005. Very dated but there were some specific pointers to hardware and software. I just entered a plea for some updated info. The link by riley804 looks like the right one or you could try this one
Pedrillo, perfect timing for the thread. In fact i was thinking about the same past few months. I listen to many electronic/dub music and they mostly come on 12" singles with one or two tracks each side. And they do sound much better on Vinyl ( who would have thunk electronic music sounding better on Vinyl than digital). Mostly I would buy a CD versions of the Vinyl albums, but not for the 12" EPs

One thought I had was buy a real good tube R to R and record directly via system Preamp mostly uncorrupted ( I am thinking but not sure) and the other look for pro digital 16/44.1 tube (?) recorder if they are still available. So I can play on my 16/44.1 digital source
The best option at a reasonable price is the
Furutech GT-40. It is a great DAC, it is an ADC, it works for headphones and it is small enough to fit on your desk to bypass your computer sound-card for decent sound. Does an awful lot for $500 !!

It sounds very flat and natural.

Many articles about it- Designed by ADL Alpha Design Labs for Furutech- a top audio parts name.

The below link is a rep and specialty dealer who knows his stuff and really helped me with this over the phone- DAC's_PCAudio_Solutions.html#Furutech Alpha Design Labs GT40 USB DAC

Jeff Kaplan is the guys name who helped me.