any one comparing DCS with upsampling to SACD?

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dCS gear even using upsampling does not compare at all to SACD. The only dacs I have heard that approach SACD sonically are the Audiomeca Enkianthus and the Audio Aero. Both upsample to 24/192 and do not thin out the music like the dCS equipment.
Not sure what you're asking in the body of your post, but in response to the heading I have a Forsell MkIV, dCS Purcell upsampler and Audio Logic 24 bit DAC combo which I use for CDs, and a Sony SCD777ES modded by addition of the Audio Logic tubed output stage for SACDs (so I'm listening essentially through the same analog stage with each technology). While I prefer upsampled CDs to regular 16/44 playback, and the Purcell does seem to help with dynamics, bass and to flesh out harmonics on instruments like piano, it does not do as well as SACD (or, for that matter, true 24/96 DADs, which I also listen to through my DAC) in any of these areas. My experience has been that SACD is much more open and natural, similar in those respects to good analog, and SACD's capturing of complex harmonic instruments such as piano and of hall ambience makes even good CDs sound artificial, closed in and brittle in comparison. And SACD's dynamics make even upsampled redbook CDs sound compressed on all but the absolute best CDs. Ultimately what may be most telling is that I find that going from SACD's to upsampled CDs evokes the same letdown and adjustment that I have to make when I switch from vinyl to CDs.
SACD is a substantial improvement over CD generally, but it depends, like everything else, on the quality of the particular SACD, and I have heard several instances on particular hybrid SACDs where dCS-upsampled playback of the CD layer is preferable to SACD playback (using a SONY SCD-1). Generally, of course, the SACD playback is preferable. But I have never heard a single regular CD which the Purcell and Elgar did not improve on playback in some respect, and any "thinning out" I've heard simply has only been further clarification of thick and opaque-sounding CDs.
I heard dcs thru Thiel 7.2, Goldmund mono amps, Levinson top-o-line transport and had a religious experience (wasn't thin at all...)
I've heard them a/b and I have to agree that SACD is considerably better. SACD reminds me of the 'naturalness' of vinyl in its presentation.

In my limited listening, I didn't detect any 'thinness'. The DCS actually seemed to create a more localized, strongly defined image than SACD. There was a slight artificial quality to it by comparison. The DCS gear is the best CD playback I've heard to date. I'd be interested in hearing opinions on DCS compared to some of the lower cost upsamplers such as the Link and Perpetual units.

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I had a Sim Audio Eclipse CD player and DCS Purcell upsampler- nice improvement. Things seemed a bit less congested and smoother with the 24/96 upsampling. However, its a moot point now, since I have mad the jump to the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192- vocals are more palpable and real. I have no desire for SACD anymore- however if it DOES take off, you never know...
Sutts: The Audio Aero? Do they have a website? What is the price range? Always interested in 24/192...

Audio Aero Capitole: $6000

They also will have a new player, the Prestige, out by the end of the year. This player will handle multi-channel SACD, CD, DVD-V and will have a built-in Dolby digital and DTS decoders.
Rayhall: Thanks Pal...
I'll tell you the the Audiomeca Mephisto II ( $7000)upsampling CD player and the Audio Areo Capitole upsampling CD player ($6000) are by far the most affordable and most realistic palpable players on the market. Can compare to the 20K plus Accuphase and Burmeister equipment . I also have a Sony SCD-1 and just got the Audiomeca Mephisto II upsampling CD player, the warmth and natural timber and tonality was closest to analogue on the Audiomeca unit. On some hybrid SACD CD's the audiomeca created more of that religious experience we so desprately are seeking for than the SACD version. Bottom line, try the Audiomeca or the Audio Areo Capitole, at this time there are no rivals , unless you want to spend $10,000 to $30,000 more.
An Accuphase DP-75V 24/192 demo player appears periodically on this site for around $7500. Very well worth considering.