Any one compare Dynaudio C1 & Gallo Strada2?

I'm thinking of putting in some 2 way monitors in my office. Just wondering if anyone's compared the Dynaudio Confidence C1 to the Gallo Strada2? I would be using with a separate sub.

Also, if you've heard the Joseph Audio Pulsar and one of the others, would like to hear your thoughts.

Hi. I've auditioned both, lived with neither.

Lots of people really like the c1, but I was not sold. The Strada, on the other hand, I quite liked. I expect the c1 goes deeper, but I felt like whatever they did to get thump out of that little box didn't leave things sounding very smooth.

But even if I did favor the c1, it's 3x the cost -- indeed, add the Gallo subs to the Strada, and you'd still come in way cheaper. I wonder if the c1 are worth the extra money to you for an office system.

I'd suggest adding the Selah and Fritzspeakers monitors to your list. Both are very fine, and I'd probably end up with one of them over either the c1 or Strada, were I looking for a monitor.

Jdoris. Thanks.

I will look into the Selah and Fritzpeakers, but tend to go to better known names, while perhaps not as good, have better re-sale. I've been burned on trying to re-sell obscure gear.

The cost of the Strada2's is street about $1,300. The C1's go for about 10k. So way more money. The Joseph Pulsar is about 8k with shipping.
Hi again Ldworet.

Yes, obscurity hurts resale. Selah and Fritz both have a pretty good following here and at AC though, though, so it might not be as bad as for some. Both Rick and Fritz are really helpful vendors, too. Selah seems to come up a fair bit used.

The fact that Gallo's are available for "street" at way under MSRP hurts their resale too -- I took a pretty good bath on 3.5s that were in my room for about two weeks (good speakers, need more than my 30 watts).

But all of these can be had for 8 grand less than the c1s, and 6 grand less than the Pulsars -- if you just threw them out when you moved on, you'd be big $ ahead! ;)

OTOH, if you are willing to spend 10k, the list of things comparing favorably to the c1s is, IMO, pretty long.