Any one compare Dynaudio C1 & Gallo Strada2?

I'm thinking of putting in some 2 way monitors in my office. Just wondering if anyone's compared the Dynaudio Confidence C1 to the Gallo Strada2? I would be using with a separate sub.

Also, if you've heard the Joseph Audio Pulsar and one of the others, would like to hear your thoughts.


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Jdoris. Thanks.

I will look into the Selah and Fritzpeakers, but tend to go to better known names, while perhaps not as good, have better re-sale. I've been burned on trying to re-sell obscure gear.

The cost of the Strada2's is street about $1,300. The C1's go for about 10k. So way more money. The Joseph Pulsar is about 8k with shipping.