any one box amps that come close to monoblocks?

I am trying to find a high quality amp 5-8k in the 250w per channel and up range that is in one box but gives separate power supplies like a monoblock. I know the mono is better sonically, but the logistics of extra wires and boxes causes a problem in a confined space. Likely driving dali mrs5. thanks a lot.
Look for amps described as dual mono, preferably where they describe it as 'true dual mono' where it literally is 2 separate power amps all the way from beginning to end (separate transformers, everything) the case of some dual monos (like Gryphon Antileon) there are actually 2 power outlets, one for each channel so you need 2 powercords.

in your price range, second hand...Gryphon Antileon. if you google dual mono, there are a number. hope that is helpful.
Check out the M6PRX ($3500 list new), a dual mono 260w per channel solid state power amp by Musical Fidelity. There are several stellar professional reviews about the M6PRX on the Internet. There is a used M6PRX currently for sale on Audiogon for $2100. Musical Fidelity also makes a 500w per channel dual mono integrated amp, the M6 500i ($7000 list new). There's a used M6 500i currently for sale on Audiogon for $6000.

I have no connection with either seller.

I use the M6PRX (together with Musical Fidelity's M6PRE) to power my B&W 804 Diamonds and couldn't be happier with the results. The M6PRX is everything it's cracked up to be in the reviews.
In my experience there have been two,The Muse model 160,and the Plinius SA 100 MK III.The Acurus 8008BB was also very good!I'm sure there are many others.I believe all three of these amps were dual mono designs.When I owned them,I also had Sonic Frontiers SFM 160 monos,SFM 75 monos and Consonance Cyber 800 monos.I enjoyed the 3 SS stereoblocks as much or more.I still own/use the Muse amp.All of the amps had strengths and weaknesses.

That said,I have enjoyed many "one box" stereo amplifiers.While maybe not quite as covincing in terms of absolute soundstage,detail retrieval and authority,so many come so close!!!I've enjoyed offerings from Rogue,Cary,VTL,VAC and more.
my current favorite is a Raysonic SP-120 integrated.What joy it brings!
All of Bryston's amps are dual mono as well.
i thought so...just was not sure. Thanks for that...good to know.
McCormack DNA500; CJ Premier 350SA; BAT VK600SE; MUSE 200; H2O S250; McIntosh MC402; would be some to look at, and I am sure there are probably more not yet listed here.
The BAT VK-600se is in your price range used.
"I know the mono is better sonically”

What do you mean exactly? If you mean that a designer, who has wringed the last musical nuance out of his circuit design but would like to take it still further, might do that by splitting his design into two boxes at considerable expense, then you are right. But if you mean that an amp in two boxes is better than an amp in one box, at a price point, then I disagree. Many top designers, like FM Acoustics, make very expensive single box amps that will thoroughly trounce the majority of monoblocs. I’m not trying to scold. I just don’t wan’t you to feel that you’re making some big compromise because you’re seeking a single box solution. That’s just marketing puffery.'re absolutely right. There are so many "facts" that are so wrong on these pages....and yet they persist.
Have to agree with Phaelon . And would add that a stereo amp at the same price will trounce a pair of mono's every time .
Let's see... LAMM M2.2 are $25k ? or so. Are there stereo amps that will clearly be better in most applications?
But if we are talking used pieces, things might be different. Say, Rowland 8Ti that was, I think, $6k here a few months ago. Try to better it with monoblocks.
So it is not so linear, it depends including on particular piece at particular price.
Pricing may be a touch higher than your budget (with discount who knows?) but The Gryphon Diablo sits nicely in the category you aspire to !!