Any old Joule Electra La100MKII owners -Question

This is a long shot but figured id take a chance since its sometimes a bit tough to get a hold of J.Barber at Joule. Anyway i have a now obviously old La100-mkII Cardas version that needs a re-tube. Seems from older posts that the unit was most often speced with the following tubes:

1 - 5751
1 - 6350
2 - OA2
2 - 6EM7

After opening up my unit I see it has

Two 10EM7s instead 6EM7s. One tung sol (322pb) and one rca.
One RCA 5751 and one GE JAN 5751- instead of the one 5751 and one 6350.

So I guess the question is it is possible that my unit came from Joule as it is or was mistakenly re-tubed. The unit functioned flawlessly up till now so im inclined to think it is biased for set of tubes it has.

I am inept around meters and electricity so Im trying to avoid shipping the unit somewhere to have it checked. I do also recall seeing a very old post that mentioned Judd may have used 10 EM7s at one point but switched over.

...any comments appreciated thanks or if anyone knows a joule dealer whose been around a while and might be of assistance....