Any of you experiment with optimal VTA for Benz Micro Cartridges

I've heard that some cartridges vary as to what VTA is actually optimal for them contrary to what the perfectly horizontal/vertical  positioning of the cartridge body might suggest.  I have my Benz Micro mounted such that the front plane of the wooden body is perfectly vertical as I assume that was the design intent for the correct VTA. Is that true?
I have a Benz Micro LPS mr and I found on my SME 10 the optimal performance level was with the tail slightly up.

Your experience may be different.
Thanks so much jperry I will try it.
..not for my Benz prefers (maybe I prefer) tail up a bit.  I suspect no cartridges are built with that much precision. ...and too it depends on the age of the cartridge.  The suspension settles after while.
Dear @elunkenheimer : It does not exist a universal VTA set-up not only for your BM cartridge but for any single cartridge.

Only if two audio systems has exactly the same audio links in the system chain, exactly the same whole system set up with exactly same resolution level, installed in exactly the same room enviroment and that both owners have exactly the same MUSIC/sound priorities and same kind of " ears " sensitivities.

If all those does not even then VTA with same cartridge models will be different.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC not DISTORTIONS,
Thanks all. Shifting to the "tail-up" angle a bit on my Graham did noticeably improve the sound in all aspects.  This shift may also account for the suspension having settled with age and perhaps the point of contact with the stylus is now a "fresh spot" all contributing to the improvement. Well my wife isn't going to see much of me this evening. Gosh I love analog!