Any Octave Owners out there?

I am currently doing a demo of the V40se w/ BB but thinking about the V80se. I notice there’s not much posted and wondered about the sonic difference between these two. How is the reliability of these? Why haven’t there been any upgrades since the release of this back in 2017? I was thinking about the Raven Osprey but had an opportunity to try this in house with my Spatial M3 Sapphires.
Appreciate your input.
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Thanks guys.
So the V40se has the Sovtek 6550 and the V80 uses the KT150's.
How often have you had to adjust the bias? I have had to do it a few times already but from what the dealer (safeandsound) told me the unit had no hours on it but once burned in it's set it and forget it. I have 30 days with it to decide but I'm leaning towards the V80se. Andreas from Octave said the 80 is sonically more controlled and detailed in the bass and lower mids. He also mentioned the V70 Class A as being very resolving. Don't see that too many people own these and there are not too many for sale used. That could be a good and bad thing

I rarely adjust the bias.  Maybe every two months and I use mine a lot for music, television, and movies(HT bypass).   I would get the super black box as well at some point if you can.  That takes the v80se to a whole other level in regards to bass and imaging.
Any thoughts on the new V70 Class A, I'm not to familiar with the technology behind it but Andreas was very excited about the new release.
I don’t have any experience with that one.