Any Octave Owners out there?

I am currently doing a demo of the V40se w/ BB but thinking about the V80se. I notice there’s not much posted and wondered about the sonic difference between these two. How is the reliability of these? Why haven’t there been any upgrades since the release of this back in 2017? I was thinking about the Raven Osprey but had an opportunity to try this in house with my Spatial M3 Sapphires.
Appreciate your input.
I would love to hear the Magico’s they are seriously good speakers. All of them! With my OB’s I really had to acoustically treat the room to get the M3’s to sing. What are your sources? I’m doing vinyl on Acoustic Signature Triple X into a SPL Phonos, CD’s through a Pioneer Modwright LX500 and Digital through Audrivana into An RME ADI FS. All sounding so much better with the Octave. This dealer has been very good so I will give the V80 a shot.
Thanks Again
Regarding tube rolling, while I am certain many here will disagree with me, I tend to believe that quality manufacturers are very are very conscientious when it comes to choosing parts for their products. Fact is I am quite pleased with the performance of the amplifier and its current state I see no reason to change it,  
  I am not sure where you are located, but I am just outside of Boston and you are more than welcome to come by for a listen. I do have the luxury of a purpose built room for my system. It is very well treated and has almost no parallel walls. It’s about 28’x18’ with at least 9” ceilings. 

  Most of my listening is done via a Basis 2800 with vacuum hold down and a MySonic labs Ultra Eminent Ultra EX cartridge. I use the MSL step up transformer and the battery powered Nagra phono preamp. Digital playback I have an EMM labs transport and Dac 6SE. 
 I think having a good relationship with a dealer is paramount to success in this hobby. I too have an excellent dealer right near me and been dealing with them for decades. They excellent set up specialists and I have had them over a couple of times to help dial the room in using instrumentation and properly calibrated microphones. Originally they did it when I had the Boulder and the Magico combination. I had them back when I installed the Octave stuff for fine-tuning. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the performance of the system.

Very cool. You system is light years from mine! Coincidentally I’m in Westport, MA on the southcoast so that might be a real treat to hear your system. 
That sounds great.. I am busy with work and a 3 year old, but it could be fun.. by the way, who is the dealer that you are working with?