Any Octave Owners out there?

I am currently doing a demo of the V40se w/ BB but thinking about the V80se. I notice there’s not much posted and wondered about the sonic difference between these two. How is the reliability of these? Why haven’t there been any upgrades since the release of this back in 2017? I was thinking about the Raven Osprey but had an opportunity to try this in house with my Spatial M3 Sapphires.
Appreciate your input.

I have the V80se with a SBB and I like it very much. I am using it with Magico Q3s which are about 90db efficient and i think the combination sounds great. I have no direct experience with the V40 se, but I assume the difference is predominately in the output power. Pending on the efficiency of your speakers I think it might work quite well. Very impressed with the German build quality and the reliability has been absolutely flawless. I previously drove the system with Boulder 2000 stuff and I must admit it might have been a bit better but I am extremely pleased with the current combination. I do think that the octave stuff at least the stuff I have is extremely natural sounding and doesn’t feel excessively bloomy or “tubey”to my ear.

as I said I have no direct comparison but I would assume that the V80se would just be more of the same which in our world is always a good thing,
Thanks Jerry, This is my first experience with a tube amp and the dealer has been great about letting me do a demo of the Octave line. My speakers are 4ohm and 92 db and although many have said the Spatials don't need a lot of power I just get the feeling with the 15" drivers that more power would certainly be a better improvement overall. The 40 drives them fine and they sound amazing so far but Andreas did say that the added power would improve bass control and dynamics.  I love the biasing and the soft start and the current tube complement of the Sovtek 6550's. Are you tube rolling at all or just using the stock KT150's?
The Q3s are also 4 ohm and sealed sealed box design... The octave seems to control the bass very very well. If they have the V80se you might want to take it home and give it a shot. I’m not one of those more is always better but it might be a better option if it’s within your budget. If not you might consider V S 80 now and add the super black box or at least a black box later...
I would love to hear the Magico’s they are seriously good speakers. All of them! With my OB’s I really had to acoustically treat the room to get the M3’s to sing. What are your sources? I’m doing vinyl on Acoustic Signature Triple X into a SPL Phonos, CD’s through a Pioneer Modwright LX500 and Digital through Audrivana into An RME ADI FS. All sounding so much better with the Octave. This dealer has been very good so I will give the V80 a shot.
Thanks Again
Regarding tube rolling, while I am certain many here will disagree with me, I tend to believe that quality manufacturers are very are very conscientious when it comes to choosing parts for their products. Fact is I am quite pleased with the performance of the amplifier and its current state I see no reason to change it,