Any NPR Tiny Desk Studio Concert.... lovers ? on youtube

a couple years ago I found this site  and fell in love. A plethora/myriad of musicians,solos and bands of
all shapes and sizes. Just about something for everyone. Concerts in NPR office with employees as 
audience....lasting from only several minutes to twenty minutes or so,average probably ten to fifteen minutes. For me it brought much music that I wasn't familiar with,a great horizon expander. Anyway,the only mentions I could find here in forums are two,from me,so wondering if others have gotten into these.
I love NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. I've heard some great music there. I just saw the new one with John Prine playing a couple of songs from his upcoming record.
Mary Halverson and Blue Man my picks on NPR Tiny Concerts.

Strangely enough, I have never heard one of these on the radio, and I listen to NPR regularly, both in the car and at home.

I only see them on Youtube. Why is that, I wonder? 

Not all of them are good, but some are fantastic.
I didn't know they aired on the radio.  I see them on the NPR website, and then older ones on youtube.  They feature a wide variety of styles and are often great entertainment--for free!
Yes, check out Joan Osborne covering the Stones Hip Shake.  
I thought it was a Slim Harpo tune. The Stones did it a bit differently, though.
+1 on Joan's take on Slim Harpo's Hip Shake. Awesome jam. Would love to see her live, never gave it much thought before hearing/seeing Hip Shake. 
never saw her live solo but did see her with The Dead at Jones Beach.  a few critics, but I thought she excelled... killed it on 
Sugaree.       was Osborne  Hip Shake on NPR ? will have to look.
Exile my favorite Stones.   Have you seen Shine A Light .....
those boys might be getting older but they were rockin' the Beacon.

They come into my inbox regularly.
I also watch the tiny desk channel on my roku player. Great program great way to try music I never would hear about. Love the Sharon jones holiday program. How about booker t bringing in a Hammond b3

Another +vote for NPR musical programming. The Jazz selections are pretty good.

Happy Listening!

Love the Tiny Desk format particularly when it strips artist's songs down to their bare element. Often electric songs sound completely different when performed acoustically on the Tiny Desk series. Courtney Barnett comes to mind. Another great Youtube music forum is Seattle based radio station KEXP. They get fantastic alternative artists playing live in a cool intimate room. Always looking for new sources of good music- Tiny Desk and KEXP fit the bill.
I found the KEXP site via NPR .....some more good stuff. So many new
to me musicians, some that come to mind....Lucius, Angel Olsen . 
Monsieur Perine', The Milk Carton Kids ,Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
   I bought a Dragonfly Red to enhance my listening .
Check out the Black Dub set on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. Fantastic stuff......

FYI, Black Dub is Trixie Whitley (Chris Whitley's daughter) and Daniel Lanois. Plus Brian Blade and  Daryl Johnson on the studio set.
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jafant......the Tiny Desk concerts are all music...on YouTube.i don't know if they're broadcast on radio.If you're not familiar with them,check them out,there's something for just about everyone.They have been enlightening to me.