Any Nordost interconnect experts out there?

I have two questions. First......Nordost does not seem to suggest that their product line is designed for a particular purpose. For instance, tube amps vs. solid state vs. turntable. Since I have Red Dawn speaker cable, and I like it, I'm looking at Nordost balanced interconnects to run from CD to preamp, and preamp to tube amp. Any suggestions as to what Nordost interconnects are best for specific purposes? Also.....If you had two interconnects, one good, like Baldur, and one very good, like Tyr, would you put the very good pair from amp to preamp, or from CD player to preamp? Or is that just a dumb idea in the first place :)
I have used Nordost Red Dawns for a long time and the only recommendation that I have ever heard regarding their use is that the are a 'systemic' type of cable, meaning that they should be used throughout your system. I don't think that I would agree with that. I am using mostly Red Dawn I/C's and Kimber digital cables and speaker cables. Using all Nordost with the equipment that I have didn't produce the sound that I wanted. The best advice may be to swap out one cable at a time in the system and see how you like it. I have bought most of my cables used, mostly here on AudiogoN. That way if I ended up with something that I didn't like in my system I was able to turn around and sell it and pretty much get my money back. So I would suggest auditioning very carefully and taking the time to get the sound that you want.
you have to try for yourself about the pre to amp or CD to pre. nothing is in stone and everyone will have a different opion and take on this I promise
I have QuatroFil XLR (10 meter) between amp and pre and QF XLR between DAC and Pre. I use bi-wire Valhallas for speakers. I would definitely put my best cable from source to pre. Whatever information you lose from the source will never be recovered anywhere downstream.